Untitled Part 4

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I always let you see me fall. You see me smile. You see me laugh. You see me step back to let you talk. You see me shyly hide behind you. You see me grab the back of your jacket when you are walking too far away. You see me tear up at sad movies. You see me break down after a bad day. You see me come to you for protection and you give it.

But right now, I need you to listen.

This is not your world anymore. This is not countrysides and small towns. These are not the people you've known forever. These are not big cities and aminimity. This is not a vacation destination. These people aren't here to serve you.

This is the world I came from.

Put your shoulders back. Hold your head high. Stay quiet, let me lead. These people will take whatever weakness you give them. There is no kindness here. Every smile holds a lie. Every debt must be repaid. Disdain should be all that leaves your eyes. Don't let them ever see your pain.

This is the first time, isn't it?

You've never seen this side of me. You've never seen my dead eyes. You've never seen my perfect pose. You've never seen my steady hands. You've never seen this confidence. You've never seen me so calmly say such harsh words. You've never played this game before.

I think it's time you learned.

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