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I cooked all the food because Ayden surely couldn't cook. I didn't mean that in a bad way, but if this Thanksgiving dinner was supposed to be a dinner for more than just him, I had to cook so nobody would get sick.

I had the turkey in the oven at the moment. "Ayden, how are we going to host this dinner? There's barely a table." I gestured.

He looked at me. "Just put it all on the counter. Simple."

"But there are people coming," I said.

He narrowed his eyes. "People? What people?"

"Uh, your family. Thanksgiving is about being thankful and what better than to be thankful for than your family?" I smiled. I mixed the ingredients of a green bean casserole and spread it in the dish. I put it in the oven as well.

"It's important that we make sure they have a proper place to eat." I looked at the little table.

He stood up and walked near me. "Well, I guess they just won't have to come."

"Oh no, they're coming. I don't give up that easily." I smiled and grabbed a towel and wiped the little table. I then cleaned up the counters and hummed as I did so. I would have to make the best of this situation. I was currently wearing a nice red dress with black heels. I returned the other clothes, and I would return these as well. I only needed to be a human for the rest of the day, then I could let my wings free.

Ayden groaned and went back to his living room. I worked on cleaning up and cooking all the food. I made rolls, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and banana cream pie. That was always my favorite. I didn't need food, but I could still enjoy it.

I heard the doorbell and squealed. "They're here!" I had met his parents before, but now I would be meeting his sisters as well. Ayden was the youngest child of three.

I ran over to the door and opened it. "Hello, please come in. Nice to meet y'all. I'm Elena Jones, Ayden's therapist."

They came in and smiled, returning the greetings and shaking my hand. I closed the door and walked over to the table. "I do apologize that we have to make do with what we have. The food has been cooked personally by me, so I do hope you enjoy. I hope we can finally make a good memory for Ayden."

One of his sisters looked at Ayden. "Yeah, because apparently he never had any good memories. Is that right, Ayden?"

He rolled his eyes and stood. "Whatever you say, Arabella."

He came to the kitchen and started to dish up his plate. His father watched him and started getting his own food. "It sure is nice of Dr. Jones to be helping you with your behavior."

"She is very annoying," he simply stated.

His mother gasped. "Ayden! You need to watch your mouth. She is a lovely woman who puts up with your issues when she doesn't even have to!"

I smiled a bit. "It's okay Mrs. Dyer. I'm used to it. Let us dish up and get this family dinner started. I just want to help Ayden patch things up with you guys if I can." We all began to dish up and find spots around the living room to eat. It wasn't very easy but we did have to make do. It was what we had for now.

His other sister looked at me after swallowing a bite of food. "Is there anything you can tell us about yourself? I just wonder about the woman who is putting up with my brother day in and day out."

I smiled. "I can't say much. I'm his therapist, and some things about me would be easy to guess. I love reading and helping people. I am determined to finish a job. I was in college." I only gave out information that was very vague and obvious. I refused to give out anymore.

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