What they love about you

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Your eyes

He loves your eyes because of the way they light up, your e/c eyes is something he can't help but look into. He always looks into your eyes just because he loves having conversations with them. He loves making you happy just to see the way your eyes light up, when you cry tears of joy he loves it even more. Even when your sad and balling your eyes out he still thinks you look beautiful, especially your eyes.

Your smile

Funny thing is Jaeden says you have two stages of smiling, he's quite the professor on it. He says that when you smile when you laugh you crinkle your eyes and nose and your smile is huge, which makes you look gorgeous to him. But when you pose for pictures your smile is more darling and adorable, and it drives him insane. He loves the way your lips curve and how big your cheeks get. Whenever you smile he has the sudden urge to either kiss you or pinch your cheeks.

Your laugh

When you laugh he swears it's the cutest thing ever, you could have a shriek-donkey-walrus laugh and he would more than likely love you even more. That's more than likely why he's always trying to make you laugh or impress you, because he knows it'll make you smile at the least. He especially loves it when you snort, you hate it deeply but he loves it. To him your snort is an indicator that he can make you happier than he thought, it's angelic. He loves that part of you deeply.

Your sassiness

He can't even begin to pick out just one thing that he loves most about you, but your attitude may take first place. The way you fight back and don't take any shit from anyone not only makes him love you but lowkey turns him on. He never thought he'd meet someone as snappy and sarcastic as him but you always seem to prove him wrong, hence your sweet and adorable personality it's fun to see his "bunny" get pissed and go off.

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