Cracks - Mostly Vitch + Poofless & Jachlan

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Someone talk to me I'm BORED

Vitch- Mitch and Vikk

Jachlan- Lachlan and Jerome (not Lachlan and Jay)

Poofless- Preston and Rob (obvi)

Mitch's P.O.V.

I attempted to drag Vikk down the stairs, knowing that he was hesitating and really not wanting to go downstairs because he knew it would mean he would have to come with us. He dug his heels into the stairs and refused to go any further.

"Come on Vikk! Please? It's only for the afternoon!" He shook his head and tried to pull away, attempting to head back up the stairs. "Vikk..." I pleaded. "Take a break, you've been working all day and we just wanna go have some fun."

I pouted and tried to convince with to come with us, trying to get him to stop working for just a few hours to relax and hang out with us, his friends and his boyfriend. Eventually he stopped and sighed, stopping his fighting to go back upstairs.

"Fine but just this once Mitch. I've got a lot of work to do." I squealed and hugged him, knowing that it wasn't often that that he let his hair down and relaxed.

"Yay! Thanks Vikk, come on, let's go!!!" I tugged him down the stair and into the living room, where the rest of the boys were waiting.

Rob and Preston were fighting playfully on the living room floor, shoving each other around, trying to tickle each other and just generally being idiots, like normal. They were laughing and giggling and they both lit up when Vikk and I came in hand in hand, knowing that I had convinced Vikk to come.

Lachlan and Jerome were sprawled out on the couch, whispering and giggling together like a new couple or young friends, but they had been doing it for years. They were like little kids together but we had gotten used to it, knowing that they would probably never grow out of it. They had always been kids, they would probably always be kids.

"Yay! Vikk, you're coming!" Lachlan crowed, sitting up on the couch and digging around in his bag for Vikk's pair of skates that we had gotten for him. We had rented some pairs for the afternoon so we could all go pond skating, but Vikk had never tried his on. "Here, make sure these fit. We just took your shoe size to the shop but that's not always right."

He sighed and slipped the skates on his feet, doing them up before nodding.

"They fit fine. When are we going?" Jerome shrugged, kicking his legs out so the momentum forced him upright.

"Now I guess? There's no time like the present."

And with that we got ready to go, packing everything for a fun afternoon on the ice, having a break and having some fun.


At the little pond we all pulled on our skates, Vikk still a little hesitant even though he had agreed to come.

"Just relax Vikk, take some time to relax. Have some fun." He sighed and rested his head on my shoulder while the rest of us to get our skates on and get ready to go onto the ice.

The pond was isolated, in the middle of the woods where Rob used to go skating when he was young, so he knew the area and the pond well. It was still cold and the sun was barely out, hidden behind the clouds despite it being 3 in the afternoon, which meant the forest was full of shadow and it was freezing.

"You ready Vikk?" He nodded and I took his gloved hand, leading him out onto the ice with the others. I laughed at the antics of some of the others.

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