Untitled Part 3

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I have to apologize again.
I forgot to hold my tongue.
I said I wouldn't go off
I said I'd stay calm.

I got angry again.
I tried to bite off their head.
If someone wasn't there to hold me
Then I would have.

But I hate when all those times
People ask me what I like
But when I answer
They always tell me that I'm not that

It's even worse when they ask me
To prove that I like that.
Like how many of you
Know word for word a hundred raps?

But no, my bad.
It's once again my fault.
For getting angry when they told me
That the bandwagon's full.

If it's popular,
I'm shallow.
If it's not then
I like weird things.

But I shouldn't apologize
Because these are all the things
That keep making me.

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