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AN: Alright, so it's really nothing big, but still important.

So, I'm currently in another country, and have found lots of time to write. I managed to complete the next three to four chapters, long chapters mind you, and am going to update them once I get back to America.

For the time being, I will first regard the old readers.

If you began this book when it first came out and have reached this point, then I recommend waiting a little bit. I am going to rewrite and republish the first couple chapters. It's HORRIBLE. So many typos, mistakes, and overall plot holes. It's rushed, and complete garbage.

However, if you're a new reader, I know this book is bad. But trust me, once I republish the first couple chapters it's going to be fine.

And if you still don't like it, then go to another fanfic.

I will not rewrite chapters from 'Chapter 18- The Encounter' and all the chapters that come after that.

Alright, so basically, this is the plan.

1. Rewrite the chapters prior to Chapter 18 because they're complete garbage.

2. Get back to America and publish the next four chapters I've already finished.

3. Stick to a schedule and get the book finished.


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