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Náriel huffed and crossed her arms. "Rasup men, Balin." He just gave a nod and looked at her sceptically. Náriel rolled her eyes, "Ghelekhur, razu?" She smiled at him as they turned a corner.

"Gamut ai-menu." Balin smiled, she looked thoughtful before giving a slow nod. "You know, I don't think not having a teacher has done you a hardship."

"Âkminrûk zu, uzbadu men." Náriel smirked and crossed her arms loosely in front of her.

"I am no Lord." He laughed quietly and shook his head.

"I'm merely repaying the formality favour, Balin." Stopping she turned and looked to the large windows to the side. The sun was shining brightly and illuminated everything in a warm glow. Even from here she could spy the workers down in Dale. "You are a good teacher. You gave me the basics." She smiled at him thankfully.

"Zurkur mahabhyûrizu, abhyûrizu." Balin said quietly yet thoughtfully.

Náriel tilted her head to the side. Scrunching her nose up in thought she looked at him quizzically. "As you learn?"


"I don't understand."

Balin smiled and nodded his head in thought. "I taught you, and you therefore taught yourself. You learnt a new language, and I learnt about you." He explained, Náriel smiled. In the lesson they had those many years ago, she had to admit that they had grown to know each other quite quickly, yet briefly.

"Learning all round." Náriel smiled.

"And," he coughed lowly and looked down the end of the corridor. "I do believe you furthered your learning and teaching to someone else."

Náriel frowned and looked to where he was looking. "Finally got out of bed," she whispered. "Did you know he was so lazy?"

"Aye," Balin nodded and slowly started to move forwards. Thorin merely stayed standing at the end of the corridor waiting for them. "His duties he had before all of this were usually skimmed past. More often than not he had to be persuaded to do them. If that failed, force always paid off."

"I'm not lazy, those were just boring tasks my father set." Thorin corrected with a roll of his eyes. "What have you two been doing?" He asked curiously. He had woken to an empty room, it was clear Náriel had been up hours and had gone off exploring the Mountain again.

Náriel and Balin exchanged a look. With a smile she looked back to him. "Learning." Thorin merely raised an eyebrow at her simple reply. "Tak yemu, Balin." Náriel turned to him and smiled.

"Tak yemu, Náriel." Balin waved a hand at her as she turned and grabbed a hold of Thorin's hand and pulled him briskly down the corridor. He laughed and shook his head and turned to go on his way while talking quietly to himself about; "She's as excitable as the day I met her."


Picking at the branch in front of her, Náriel looked at the darkened bark which now rested in her hands. She turned it over before tipping her hand and watching as it fell to the floor and crumpled. Hearing the crackling sounds of boots on leaves, she looked over her shoulder.

"You know when you suggested a walk I did not think you meant out here." Thorin said with a sigh and looked around. They were in one of many wooded areas which surrounded the Lonely Mountain. Only much like every other strip of wood, this one was darkened, charred and destroyed. Nothing was seemingly growing here. There were no leaves on the trees, and no grass sprouting up from the ground. The bark and the trees were either ash grey or black. The branches themselves twisted in impossible angles.

Náriel narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. "You know in some ways we first technically met out here. You offended me, or at least thought you had and I laughed at you." Náriel's voice said rather proudly.

Thorin looked away from the sky to her. It was strange, the sky was so clear peaceful and blue. Fluffy clouds rolled along as the sun shone brightly down on them and everything else. It was just a strange contrast to see something so vibrant and then look around to see they were surrounded by decay.

"Hm," was his reply.

Náriel raised an eyebrow and smirked. "I did apologise for laughing at you, please remember that." She said while flitting around a tree and peeking around it with a cheeky grin on her face. "It was really funny though. Innocent, even." This if anything just prompted rolled eyes and a sigh.

"I had no real experience with talking to Elves, so of course I thought I had offended you. Though you're not easily offended really are you?" He smirked in return.

Náriel shook her head. "No, not really."

"As for the did apologise, true, but then you also - if memory recalls - did a full turn and ventured on to joke on my behalf."

"You're an easy person to tease, that's not my fault." Náriel shrugged and looked up as he stopped in front of the tree she was peeking around. "It is quite funny though." She smiled. He rolled his eyes and looked around. "It'll grow back." He looked down as she spoke. She moved out from behind the tree and stepped beside him. "With time," she looked to him. "And with help," she nodded. They stood in peace then, just enjoying the quiet which enveloped them.

Thorin frowned and looked down at her. "What are you doing?" He asked when he realized she was holding a hand above her head and then trying slyly to do the same to him.

"Well I was just interested to know if either of us have shrunk."

"What?" Thorin asked dumbfounded.

Náriel rocked on her heels and smiled at him. "You're tall for your kind, I'm short, what if either of us shrunk? Well I think I'm more inclined to grow than shrink, but you never know." She smiled and just gave a wink at the bemused expression which was being sent her way. She remembered too well how their previous conversation ended when they were in this area years ago. She was reminiscing.

"We were both born differently from the normality of our races." Thorin said, he remembered saying something similar to her so many years ago. Náriel smiled up at him. "Perhaps that should include behaviour too? Because Náriel, you do not act like any other Elf I've ever crossed paths with."

"If it's any consolation, you're not like any other Dwarf I've crossed paths with either." She shrugged. A few moments of silence passed before she quietly laughed and shook her head. Thorin merely shook his head too and looked to her. "We're strange beings."

"What's this 'we' stuff?" He joked and suffered a playful nudge before his arm was linked with one of her own. "My Queen, would you perhaps like to join me on a walk around the newly reformed Erebor?"

Náriel shot him a look. "I'm not 'your Queen' yet." She mumbled yet nodded. "But I would love to take you up on your offer!" She beamed and walked briskly by his side as they turned to return to the warmth of the Mountain.



Good day - Gamut manun

How are you? - Zûr zu?

My Queen - Athanu men

I am okay - Rasup men

Fine, and you? - ghelekhur, razu?

I am good - Gamut ai-menu

Thank you - Âkminrûk zu

My Lord - Uzbadu men

As you teach, you learn. - Zurkur mahabhyûrizu, abhyûrizu.

Until later - Tak yemu

(A/N: Ok, some of the Khuzdul I've used from a different source, so like if it's wrong, please let me know. Wrong translations really do my nut in. ALSO, sorry for being MIA, I've had some real heavy shit happen...and like, yeah, it's kinda thrown me off. SO, I apologise cos this chapter is like...absolute crap central in boring town. Bye.)

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