Calm The Fire: 137

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The library, it was just as Náriel remembered. She couldn't help but smile widely as she walked down the aisles with her arms outstretched. Her hands skimmed over the books, she eyed the dust which flew off of them, but quickly shrugged it off as she turned the corner.

She wasn't alone in here, by all means there were other people milling around. Her love for the library was clearly shared. Though in truth some Dwarves were still trying to clean the vast amounts of shelves and books. It seemed like a bit of a failing task, or at least a very hard task to achieve. The library was so very vast. Even standing still at the end of an aisle Náriel could see at lest four aisles in front of her, and then another four in her peripheral vision. There were equal numbers behind her too and then some.

Looking to the side she plucked a book randomly off of a shelf and pottered over to a table. All the tables and chairs which were in the room were cleaned and looking like new.

Sitting down she opened the book, narrowing her eyes she quickly darted off and then reappeared again and put another book beside it. She sat hunched over reading from one book to the other and nodding every so often.

"Oh this looks familiar," looking up she smiled at Balin. "Still learning?"

"I'm missing a teacher," Náriel replied with a kind smile as Balin sat down. "Do you fancy continuing our lessons?"

"I have to admit, lass, I can't quite remember where we got to." He shook his head gently and looked to the books in front of her.

"We got as far as simple answering, questions, and other such things." Náriel rolled her hand and then laughed. "Admittedly I cannot remember either! It was so long ago, Balin."

"From the beginning then?" Balin mused, he could see by the look Náriel was sending his way that she did want to pick up her Khuzdul lessons. He shouldn't have been surprised to see her in here. Let alone with two books in both Sindarin and Khuzdul, going from one to the other to compare.

Náriel leant against her hand and smiled. "You don't have to."

"Oh," Balin raised an eyebrow. "Well, don't take this the wrong way, but I need something to do, Princess."

Narrowing her eyes thoughtfully she stood. Balin watched as she scooped up the books and held them in her arms. "May we take our lesson outside the library?"


"Not literally, perhaps a walk around the Mountain while we do this?" She said while waving the books at him with a growing smile.

He let out a thoughtful hum and nodded. Standing up he took one book from her hands and turned it over. Looking over the slightly worn cover he nodded, "You won't be needing these, Náriel." He reached out and plucked the other book gently from her hands. She tilted her head to the side curiously yet smiled as he placed them on the table and then gestured to the door.

"Teaching through literal means, hm?" She walked by his side as they exited the room.

Balin smiled and crossed his arms behind his back. Giving a nod he looked to her. "We'll start off easy."

"Not too easy though," Náriel smiled at him.

"Easy enough." Balin decided with a nod. Náriel let out a quiet hum and gave a nod in return and walked along the corridor with him. "Gamut manun." He inclined his head with a smile. "Zûr zu, athanu men?"

Náriel narrowed her eyes at this. "I am not your Queen." She said faintly.

"Yet." Balin looked at her and gave a wink. "And that wasn't replying in the correct language."

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