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~1 year later~
I was on the roof, at eight in the morning. I sat by the edge, staring down. Things have been stressed with me and Momo.  "Yanagi?" I jumped. "Shouto.. You scared me." I said, not making eye contact. "Yana.. I've seen how things are with you and Momo." He said. My shoulders shook, as I tried to stop my crying. "I miss her. So much. I try to talk to her, but she just.. She perfers to talk to the girls. I am not like her, like them! I don't want to talk about make up or clothes. Or what crushes they have. I want to talk about music and video games and fighting styles and quirks. I tried to ask her if she wanted to get a.. Manicure? Pedicure? I don't know, but I tried. She ignored me and continued to text her friends. I know, it doesn't sound like her.. But.." I blurted. "Well, she may have all the girls on her side, but you have all us guys." He said. I nodded. Something about Shouto.. He's calm and mostly quiet. But, he gives good advice and when he speaks, he speaks about the subject with passion. I smiled. "Thanks." I said. "Anyway, I found you for a reason. Me, Bakugou, and Midoryia are going out today, you want to come?" He asked. I nodded. "Well, we will leave in fifteen minutes." He said, and left me. It only takes me five minutes to get ready. I stared at the sky. I got up, and got ready. I grabbed my wallet, that had millions of dollars contained in it.

It was sunny out, with the occasional cold breeze when we left. I was way more awake now, and actually excited about the trip. We went to a park, and spent the whole day there, eating, talking, and just generally hanging out.

~Izuku's POV~
I stared at Yana as she smiled. Today was the day. I was going to tell her that I think of her like a sister. I've never been this forward with anyone before. EVER! I was nervous. I knew Kacchan and Todoroki like her the same way. I had to get her alone..

~Katsuki's POV~
Fuck. Why does this Bitch make my heart pound? When she laughed, it made my stomach feel stupid. It made me want to tell her. I know stupid Deku and half half bastard like her too. But, I was going to get her first, and I will not fucking share. I am going to tell her. Today.

~Shouto's POV~
Yanagi Yaoyorozu was perfect. Beautiful smile, laugh. Perfect soul and personality. I liked the fact that she didn't rely on anyone else. I liked that she didn't take anything from anyone. She's the bravest person I know, and I want her. I want to hold her when she cries. I want to tell her how I feel. I understand Midoryia and Bakugou have the same feelings. I will just have to earn her. That's alright. Because I am going to tell her how I feel. Today, preferably.

~Your POV~
I stretched, and we headed back. Man, today was fun.

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