Going public

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-tbh it wasn't planned at all

-y'all got real reckless and started posting a lot about each other, the fans demanded a live

-you two went live and it started off fine until you moved the camera back a bit

-totally forgot your phone was there and sat on his lap

-to add some icing to the cake your dumbass showed off allll of your fresh hickeys

-but you aren't the only one to blame bc Finn was getting pretty hands on your ass



-Yeah you ended the live and didn't post for at least a week



-the fandom was so so so supportive so you and Jaeden felt comfortable to share some things about your relationship and post about each other

-they made so many edits about that one moment and it made you cry like a bitch

-you were surprised Jaeden didn't stutter when he said y'all were together, but lowkey proud

-you two we spotted out and about kissing by the paparazzi

- you could tell it was y'all from a mile away

-you guys posted about each other confirming y'all were dating and everyone was so so happy

-ship accounts everywhere

-Ellie really hated you for dating her sloppy seconds

-You were lying down with Wyatt and he kept making you laugh

-Unbeknownst to you he got a picture of you and sent it to you when you left the next day

-you guys talked it over and posted it on Instagram, and wrote out a paragraph to each other

-honestly so damn sweet in his paragraph you almost cry, ALMOST

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