Reached 100K Reads

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Today is celebration day! I wanted to mark "Saving My Heart" reaching 100 thousand reads, and say thank you to everyone that has read and enjoyed the book. I read all of your comments and am thankful for your support. This project helped me get through my heart attack and recovery three years ago. I am proud to say that my heart is now functioning in the normal range, even though I have to still take heart meds to help it. It hasn't gone away with it's heart dysfunction, but it is to a point my doctors are happy I can live a more normal life. This is REALLY good news since three years ago when all this happened I was being told I might need a heart transplant.

So, there is more to celebrate than just reaching 100k for this online novel. It is the complete turn around of my life, in which, Wattpad has been a large part of. I am a self-published author of several paranormal romance books and children's books now. The journey has been 10 years in the making, and I'm happy to say, it looks like I can keep going.

So, for all of you that have been on the journey with me, thank you. It's been a bumpy ride, but I'm looking forward to many more books and novels in my future.

Feel free to look through my other Wattpad projects and of course, check out my website with my paranormal romance novels many available at low, reasonable prices (like $0.99) through different on-line retailers.

Take care! Here's to another 100k! And maybe eventually, 1 million reads.


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