Chapter 7

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Worth the Fight

Moneē enjoyed talking to Lucy a lot. She was really sweet and funny. And now they saw each other in the hallways a lot. It didn't take very long for Lucy to get attached to Moneē over the last couple of weeks either.

In fact Moneē was making plans to spend the night at Lucy's house when Nick walked up to them at her locker.
"Amoni explained everything and I forgive you." Nick stood in front of Monee blocking her way.

"Hey I'll catch up with you later. Okay?" Moneē said to Lucy. She didn't want her to see whatever foolishness Nick had come over to her with.

Lucy smiled and went on to class.

"What are you talking about?"

"I know you just got freaked, cause you never had a boyfriend before." Nick was smiling like the idiot he was.

"Look, Amoni has no clue what she's talking about." Monee didn't address the rest of what he said. She didn't have time for that. How dare he say that, who was he to forgive her?

"What's yo' problem? Just talk to me." Nick tried to grab her hand.

"You!" Remember that Moneē never raised her voice but Nick had made her mad. And Amoni would get a piece of her mind later. That's when Nick grabbed her wrist. Nick wasn't smiling anymore. Everything that Monee had liked about him seemed to turn against her. He was tall, but now he was looming over her. He was strong, too strong for her not to be able to snatch away from him.

"One more date." It wasn't a question.

"No." Moneē didn't sound so confident anymore.

"Aye! You got a problem bro?" It was Noah. He stood in front of Moneē and got Nick's face. People were starting to look. Nick let go of her wrist.

"This ain't got nothing to do with you white boy. I'm talking to my girl." His girl? Moneē scoffed.

"She ain't your girl."

"Oh what, she yours?" Nick chuckled.

Noah pressed his tongue into his cheek. It wasn't the time to educate Nick, that people don't have to belong to someone to be stood up for.

"No. But a guy doesn't put his hands on his girl." Noah said. Moneē quickly got out of the way. Everything happened so fast. The guys were shoving each other, everyone in hallways started to crowd around, Nick slammed Noah into the lockers. Then Noah punched Nick in the stomach. Soon things were just a blur for Moneē as the crowd kept moving either out of the way or closer to see.

"Get out of the hallway! Go to class!" A teacher yelled as security came through and broke the boys apart.

Moneē felt extremely guilty. She really just let Noah literally fight for her. She was an aid in the office. She would be there anyway, so she thought about telling them it was all her fault.

Things were awkward to say the least. Moneē tried to act as if she had nothing to do with the situation. Moneē kept her head down and put the labels on report cards like Ms. Carter asked her to. But the whole time she could hear. Them getting yelled at by the Dean and Principal Morgan. They kept them separated while their parents were on the way.

Nick was in the back and Noah was sitting in the front area where Moneē was sealing the envelopes. She snuck glances at him.

"Noah, you already know I have to ask." Ms. Carter said.

"It's not as bad as it seems. I had a good reason. I only got a three day suspension." Noah got out his chair a leaned on the front counter.

"That's what they all say. There is never a good reason for fighting." Ms. Carter said.

"Well maybe not but it was worth it." Noah stared passed Ms. Carter and at Moneē, which made her ears hot and her stomach churn. Was it possible that he meant that? What if he was just being passive aggressive?

"Oh my God, you better have a good explanation. Look at your lip." Mrs. Zaretsky grabbed Noah's face and examined it. Just then Nick's parents came in the office as well. They didn't spare a glance at Noah and his mom. But Ms. Tanya locked eyes with Monee and it wasn't very pleasant.

"Moneē can you show these parents to Principal Morgan's office please." Ms. Carter asked.

Moneē quickly walked ahead of them and quickly got out of their way. What did Nick tell his parents about the night? It didn't matter, Nick wasn't her problem anymore.

When she came back to the front Ms. Carter had told her to stay by the phone while she ran up to the guidance office on the upper floor.

Mrs. Zaretsky waved as she also went to the back to talk to the Dean.

And they were alone.

"I am really really sorry." Moneē's eyes watered. "I feel so bad. Its my fault. Why didn't you tell on me?" Noah looked up and when he saw her face, he immediately came around the other side of the counter.

"It's not your fault. I make my own decisions." Noah scoffed. "I get into trouble all on my own." He picked up a Kleenex and wipes her tears. Moneē inwardly cursed at herself. Look at her some boy wiping her tears, fighting for her. She thought herself weak.

"I owe you one."

"No you don't." Noah smiled. Man he had a nice smile. Dimples,and smile lines. He looked like his dad.

"No I do."

"Fine you do." They both laughed.

Moneē heard the footsteps so she backed away from Noah. It was Nick. and his parents leaving. And then Mrs. Zaretsky, she grabbed Noah by his ear and pulled him back around the counter, and gave him one of those mom looks.

"Keys." Noah handed over the keys. Mrs. Zaretsky handed them back to him.

"After you drive home, you won't be seeing these for a while. And wait till your father your father gets home."

"Oh Moneē do you like pork chops or chicken? I got them both thawed out at home already." Moneē was convinced that only women are capable of serving a death glare to someone and then turn around smile so pleasantly in a matter of seconds.

"Umm...I like pork chops." Moneē nodded.

"See you later Roberts."

Just in case you were wondering, Noah won that fight.

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