Part 72 - A shimmer at midnight

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My eyes fluttered open, the room was quite dim but I could still make out the shape or the door and lamp clearly, I scanned the round in my sleepy daze to see someone in the corner of the room. Once my eyes had adjusted, I saw that it was Gareth, staring at me, was he watching me sleep? What the fuck?! "Morning sleepyhead, it's time to go, c'mon" he stood up and walked towards me, unhooking my cuff from the bed and uncuffed me. I massaged my wrist as he took a hold of my arm and lead me out of the room and back to the others. My family were in a group, they weren't tied up anymore but they were surrounded by the residents of Terminus, they had their guns out, ready to shoot if anyone made a sudden move. My eyes shifted to Rick, "Rick!" I yelped as I ran towards him, he opened his arms and clasped me within his grip. Rick let out a sigh of relief as I did, we were together again. "Alright folks that's enough!" I was yanked from Rick's arms and back with that asshole Gareth. "Right, we're leaving in ten minutes, so get geared up and ship out" He roared, the group from terminus nodded and left to collect what little belongings they had left to leave with. "Where are we going?" Rick demanded, Gareth turned to look at him with a smile, "Washington"

I placed my beige, beaten backpack onto my shoulder as did everyone else. Gareth walked over to my group and handcuffed Rick, the rest of the group we just tied up, he walked back to my side with a smirk on his face. "Why have you tied them back up?? They need to defend themselves" I expressed with desperation, if they were attacked, they wouldn't stand a chance. "We can protect them, don't you worry your pretty little head" god he was patronising!  I couldn't take this any longer, we needed a plan of action, and fast. I didn't know how much longer they would act civil before the group did anything to us, from what I had saw the first day we were at Terminus, I didn't know if they were going to kill us for sport? Or food? Maybe they were cannibals? I don't plan on finding out.  Gareth kept a close eye on me after I asked him that question, I had kept quiet since and was trying to come up with an escape plan, maybe he had already figured that out. I wasn't looking forward to the long trek to Washington at all.

"So are you going to keep up this whole 'avoiding me' sherade? Or?" Gareth asked me, quoting the words 'Avoiding me' with his fingers, I hadn't talked to anyone since we had left Terminus, certaintly not to Gareth, my mind was too occupied about an escape plan. I didn't reply to his queation "Oh I see, so you're playing hard to get now?" he asked, again, I didn't reply, I was too deep in thought which caused him to chuckle. I looked up to the sky to see that light was escaping us, leaving Georgia to flee to the other side of the world, I wished that I could do the same, to get away from this awful stuation. "Right we'll stop here for the night, Alex, take Mary with you and check the perimeter, someone get the tent up" Gareth demanded, everyone stopped and went to work to secure the perimieter of our camp before we lost light completely. "Jess, you got any way out of this?" a whisper came from behind me, I turned to see Daryl but turned my head back trying not to attract too much attention. No, not a clue" I began "Jess come here" I glanced over to see Gareth at the mouth of the tent, coaxing me towards him with his hand. "But I might have one idea to mind" I continued talking to Daryl before I made my way over to the tent. I entered the tent to see him, his hands on his hips and a conniving smirk spread across his face, he slinked behind me, like a predator waiting to pounce on it's unsuspecting prey and slid the zip up of the tent door.  "Now, we're two adults... we're both... consensual, and I think you feel more then you're letting on"I looked at him in disgust. He began to retreat to the back of the tent and began to take off his holster that containted his gun and... handcuff keys. The small rectangular pieces of metallic metal seemed to shimmer in the dull glow of the fire from outside of the tent, I needed to get those and I realised that I would have to do whatever I had to, to get them. Gareth approached me, he tended to lack the knowledge of knowing about personal space, I cringed at how close he was. I could feel his body heat radiate against me as he moved closer to me petite form, I avoided making eye contact I just couldnt do it, thoughts of Rick swam around in my head and I knew I had to do what was necessary. He brought his hand up and cupped my face, putting his lips upon my cheek as though he was trying to tease me, or intimidate me... well, definitely the latter did the trick, I was terrified. "No? Hmm I'm dissapointed Jess I really am" He became patronising and turned away from me to leave the tent, it was nw or never, I had to get the keys. "You're right... We are adults" I replied turning towards him which caused him to pause and look towards me. For the first time today I had held eye contact with Gareth for more than two seconds. He lunged towards me pulling him into his arms, I tried with every ounce of my body not to flinch or tense up because he would know that this was all a ruse to get the handcuff keys. When our lips met, it was hard and forceful, nothing compared to Rick, When he kissed me it would be full of passion and romance and really beautiful, but with Gareth it was sloppy and unecessary. I played along and reluctantly ran my tounge across his lip, he pulled me in closer, soon our tongues were fighting for dominance, I easily gave up and let him take control, his tongue was invasive and lacked any control whatsoever. I tried to keep this whole situation out of my mind and wrapped my arms around his neck to make this whole joke more believable. Gareth lifted me up and knelt down, softly placing me on the floor, his hands began to wonder, more than I anticipated. Upon opening my eyes I saw that his were closed so I began to frantically search around for the keys, i could'nt see them. I kept looking until my eyes caught a glimpse of the shiny metal that was just within my reach, I dropped my arm down from Gareth's neck and stretched out to reach them, but Gareth pulled away "I'm so glad you came to your senses" He told me out of breath before retreating back to the nook of my neck, his kisses were getting more and more violent and his hands were becoming more comfortable with the curves of my body, it was now or never. I snatched the keys and tucked them into my trouser pocket and wrapped my arm around Gareth once more. Now the tricky part is, how do I get out of this mess? "Gareth!!! Quick!" Someone shouted at the top of their lungs, "Shit" Gareth replied, muttering to himself. He got up and pulled me up with him, he grabbed his holster and pounced on thee tent door ripping it open and running towards the comotion. I just stood there and pulled the keys out of my pocket and stared at them for a moment. Bingo.

I ran out of the tent to see a mass of walkers trudging towards us, people were shouting and screaming, gun shots began to ring through the air. I scanned the entire perimeter for Rick, I had to get to him, I ran whilst jumping over rucksacks and ducking and diving though trees until I found him. A figure caught the corner of my eye, my gaze shifted onto Maggie who had fallen over, her arms were still tied and a walker approached her with lightning speed. I changed my course and ran behind the walker and kicked my leg out, this sent the walker crashing to the floor before I stomped on to it's head. Grabbing Maggie's arm I helped her up before searching for Rick again, I couldn't find him anywhere until I saw two of the undead go into the woods chasing after someone. I ran after them, smashing one of their heads with a large rock I found sending another dead body into a crumpled heap on the floor. The other one was close and was quick to close up the gap between the other person, I ran towards it and pushed it over and smashed its head open. Who was the person they were hunting? It was Rick. "Oh baby, what have they done to you, I'm so sorry, It's all my fault" I yelped, trying to hold back tears, his face had been battered and bruised, he hunched over in pain. "No its not" he replied shaking his head vigorously. I pulled out the cuff keys and took his hand cuff off, "How did you get those?" he questioned "You don't wanna know, I did what I had to" I replied avoiding eye contact, I went to take the other off but I was prevented. Rick cupped my face with his free uncuffed hand and pressed his lips to mine, I immediately began to kiss him back but he shortly pulled away "How long have you known?... about the baby, why didn't you tell me sooner?" he asked, his eyes still closed and him forehead was pressed to mine. I shook my head back " Back at the house, before they took us back... Gareth told me but I didn't believe him..." I sighed "But I did a test and it was positive. I never wanted this to happen, I'm so sorry baby" I continued, "We'll get through this together, but first we need to get out of here" Rick remarked, glancing around as he did, looking for a way out. "We need to get the others out before we do anythin-" "Jess!!" My sentence was cut short by Gareth's voice ripping through the air like a knife would through a walkers skull, short and snappy, as the initial shock would keep you on edge. "Jess! Where are you!!" he called again, The gun fire began to quieten down to a halt which made his voice much louder and clearer. "I have to go, I can't let him suspect anything, he probably already knows I have his keys" I declared, pressing my lips to Rick's one last time before retreating to Gareth's side, I didn't like it but I didn't have a choice I repeated over and over to myself "Do what's necessary... do what's necessary Jess you can do this" 

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