Chapter 32: Facing The Alpha

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Brier's POV:

So please!. just go away and leave me a-" he cut me by quickly grabbing my face and kissed me.

I gasped at first but I didn't even realized that I kissed him back!! Sparks are like firework!!! The best feeling I ever had!!

We break the kiss to catch our breath and he place his forehead into mine

" I've always wanted to do that!" he whisper as he catch his breath.

he wrapped his arms around my waist to pull me closer and I am now resting on his chest

" Why did you do that?" I asked without looking at him

" Did what?"

" Why did you kissed me?"

" Cause you are mate!"

" Then I did you reject me?"

From that question I can tell that he got hurt. He hug me tight and whisper " I had to or I'll loose you forever.

He rejected me so he wouldn't loose me what does suppose to mean. I mean since he'd rejected me he had loose me and I'm not his mate anymore... right?

I wanna know truth and I know right now I tried pushing him but....

" Please..... Please Don't Go!" he said hugging me tighter but I didn't hug him back

" Please Stay..... Stay with me.... Stay in my arms.... Please"

I didn't know what to do. It's like my mind is saying to push him away but my heart wanted .... to stay!

I slowly wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head on his chest " I'm not going anywhere!" I whispered.




















Ranz promise me that he will tell everything once we got back and now we are back at the pack house.

He was about to open his mouth but he quickly closed it. I'd asked if he was alright he nodded and told me that his father, the alpha wanted to talk to him, he also told me to stay in my room and wait for him.

Minute passed and for the first time I was mindlink by our Alpha!

I quickly got but stop for a second "What if Ranz comes back?" I asked myself.

I know he will understand it anyway I mean his father is calling me after all.

Once I got to his office I'd knocked three time. " Come In!" yelled a masculine voice from the other side which I kinda flinch

I instantly went inside. Wow his office was huge. " You call me Alpha?"

He instantly stop writing when he heard me.

" So you are my Son's Mate?" he asked.

" Yes Sir!" Looking so he wouldn't see me blushed.

" To be honest with you I couldn't see a Luna inside you. I wanted the Luna to be fierce!"

"I understand sir"

" You know Ranz promise his Mother before she die that he will become an Alpha thats why he wanted the title so bad and I told him that he will have the Alpha Title once he found a Fierce Luna and he couldn't do that if his mate is around."

" What do mean Alpha?" I asked confusingly


My eyes just went wide hearing those words! Ranz rejected me because I'm weak, I get it. Now I'm gonna kick out of the pack because I'm weak!

But Alpha! Ranz rejected me already so I know that I'm not his mate anymore so why are you kicking me out of the pack?"

" REJECTED YOU?! ONE OF MY MEN SAW YOU GUYS KISSED!" He growl which cause me to step back.

" Do You Think My Son Wanted You? He doesn't want a Luna or a Mate like you and if you don't believe me see for yourself! he smirked.

I didn't know what he meant but I'm gonna prove that I can be a fierce luna!

" I will prove that I can be a fierce luna!" I said with confident.

He got shocked but gave a evil chuckle

" Ok! Fierce Luna! Go Ahead and Prove it!"

With that I head back to my room.. While walking I tried thinking what the Alpha meant. I mean why did he need to kick me out of the pack!

I snap out of my thought when I notice my door was slightly open.. huh?

I'm sure I left it closed. Once I got closer I sense that someone is inside

I quickly open my door not caring what will be inside... but I was wrong!

I shouldn't have open it wanna know why?... Cause Inside my room there I saw Jamie, a pack slut and whore who is only wearing nothing but a black lingere and... and..... Ranz! and their... their making out!!

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