Sleepovers with them

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- Staying up till 4 am watching vines and dank memes

-eating hella junk food, healthy food choices? We don't know her

-trying face masks and hair masks together 😩

-wearing his glasses and shirt

-as well as taking random instagram/Snapchat videos but NEVER posting them

-eating sushi and drinking Japanese soda
(Japanese soda is the fucking bomb don't @ me)

-watching a bajillion animes

-going to bed at 12 you really tried to push him but it's Jaeden what're ya gonna do? 

-doing drawing challenges bc you want to put him to the test

-him falling asleep on your stomach in the middle of Naruto

-eating all kinds of candy and pulling an all nighter

-watching Parks and Recreation and That 70s Show

-bouncing on the bed/ceiling/walls and being super loud about it

-letting him do your hair, and he actually did a real good job fucking kutos

-playing Mario Cart, Legends of Zelda, and Super Smash Bros until 2 am

-eating in-n-out and sharing a milkshake together

-sitting on his lap and playing on his new Minecraft server 🤠

-falling asleep at 2:37 on his chest, his gamer headass now playing Roblox

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