Chapter 24

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They were out of control.

And their rampage had just begun.


Jisoo on the other hand, was back in her apartment, grinning in satisfaction at her 'plan'.

This was her chance.

Jackson had told her everything about them two; their lives as wolves, and, Y/N's encounter with Bangtan the first time. She glances up and breathes through the frigid air, her breath forming smoky pearlescent puffs as she exhaled.

Above, the creeping grey clouds failed to obscure such fluorescence and dominance of the moon, which shone intimidatingly on the land beneath.

She puts on her cape and heads out in the midst of night, silently making her way into the forest towards Bangtan territory. She happens to hear a few distant howls on the other side of the forest, but ignores them and proceeds further ahead.

A sinister smirk plastered onto her face, she knocks three times on the wooden door.

The door slowly creaks open and a head pops out, eyes squinting warily at her. However it's not long before the door is slammed shut in her face.

Grunting in frustration, she knocks again, louder and vigorously this time.

''What do you want, Jisoo?'' Taehyung asks, opening the door fully after Yoongi had slammed it shut. Her eyes light up and she smiles innocently.

''I was trying to hunt but I kinda got lost...and ended up here..'' she explains, crossing her fingers. Taehyung leans against the framing of the door, his pensive eyes deep in thought.

Jisoo clears her throat, begging for his attention. ''Um, it's kinda cold...can I...?''

He sighs, attention elsewhere. ''yeah, whatever'' he shrugs. She brushes her feet and tip toes inside blissfully, barging into the front room.

''Excuse me? I don't recall inviting you in?'' Yoongi scoffs, glancing up from his phone. Jimin gasps at her sudden appearance.

''Please...I don't mean any harm'' she mutters. ''I was out hunting, but I heard some really weird noises..''

''why the fuck are you here then?'' Yoongi growls. ''the last time you came-''

''Calm down'' Taehyung deadpans. ''I told her to come in''

''you what?'' Yoongi responds, his voice lower this time.

''both of you, shut up'' Namjoon demands nonchalantly, the dominance of his voice penetrating through the air. Hoseok and Jin come downstairs to see what the commotion was about, and Jimin and Jungkook who were already in the room silently watch.

''I'm s-sorry, I was just scared...'' Jisoo says, interrupting the deadly silence that suffocated the air. No one spoke, but apprehension danced along the silent air.

The tension in the room was thicker than Jimin's ass.

Now that's talking thicc

Hoseok sighs. ''Okay, what is going on?''

''She-'' Jungkook points at Jisoo. ''-appeared outta nowhere. And now everyone's suddenly moody?''

Jin claps his hands. ''You know what, we might as well go hunting together. It's a full moon, so we better hurry. Jisoo, I'll be trusting you won't cause any trouble''

Success...she grins in satisfaction.


''the full moon, huh...'' Taehyung muttered, gazing at the moon which hung like a luminous pearl in the sky.

A night where a vampires bloodlust is at it's peak.

He licks his lips and gulps, hurrying ahead through the trees. They adjust their bows and shoot unceremoniously, showing no vestige of fatigue.

''I got one'' Yoongi says, and they all go crazy. The deer, encircled by ravenous vampires is shredded to pieces. Sharp white fangs protrude and dig into the flesh, desperate to quench their thirst.

Taehyung licks his lips, unsatisfied. It's not enough.


He was seduced into the exquisiteness of her blood. It was like a drug.... The more he consumed, the more he craved for it again and again.

A sheer howl suddenly screamed out nearby, startling everyone. ''I-I told you! It's the weird noises!'' Jisoo cried, as the rest of the members adjusted their weapons.

''Could it be...?'' Hoseok's voice trailed off, his musing eyes in thought.

''I thought they were all killed during the hunting season...'' Jin states, his eyes widening in epiphany. ''This is bad...we need to get back. It's dangerous...wolves are most rampant during the full moon!''

They all gasp, huddling in close as they recalled the last wolf attack. Taehyung's eyes widen, his breathing increasing.

''hey, you okay?'' Jungkook asks, as he nods. Taehyung reaches for his back and gulps harshly, beads of sweat forming on the palm of his head. Resent rampages through his blood, his eyes turning dark in malice.

''I'm going to kill it''

And with that, he jumps into the abyss of darkness.

Y/N: so dasit guys

Y/N: so dasit guys

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Y/N dies.

The end

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