PDA level

652 14 2

- 9/10

-he loves showing you affection! Kisses, hugs, hand holding you name it b

-but at other times he doesn't want to show off your relationship TOO TOO much because of the toxic fandom

-but on the flip side somedays he tries his best not to make out with you while you're out and about so, depends on his mood

- 7/10

-Jaeden doesn't like the idea of excessive PDA and he makes sure others know it

-he holds your hand, gives cheek kisses, wraps his arm around you. Nothing too crazy like Finnie boy up there.

- 52738886255100283728/10

- he doesn't care if your dogs sister's cousin's brother's great uncle twice removed is around he will do what he wants

-he slaps your ass, makes out with you, this boys is always touching you

-sometimes too much ooop

- 5/10 (like Finn it really depends)

-one day he will only hold your hand, the next he will throw you in an alley and give you hickeys until you black out

-keep a leash on this boy will you?

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