Capitolo Ventidue✔️

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Lucia POV

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Lucia POV

I sat on the couch in the upstairs living room, my hands were folded on my lap and my legs were crossed. I took deep breaths, calming myself as I impatiently awaited the arrival of my brother.

From where I was, I could hear the car coming up the gravel driveway, I looked out the window and watched as my brother got out the car. He turned around and reached into the car for a few seconds before showing himself again. In one hand he held a sleeping Daniel, in the other hand, he helped Leonidas jump out of the car. He held his son's hand as they walked up to the front door where he disappeared and Katherine and Marino waited to greet them.

My body shook in fear, it'd been less than twelve hours since I found out the Mexican's were back...well not completely at least.

The car hadn't left yet, and Leonardo walked back out to it and had the opposite door opened for him, he reached inside and backed out again, this time with Jasmine in his arms, bridal style, asleep. Her head laid lazily against his chest and from where I was she looked peaceful.

My brother walked into the house once more and then after the doors closed, the car drove off.

I heard voices coming up the stairs, deep ones, and then a higher pitched one letting me know it was Leon talking with everyone.

"...gonna shoot all the guns in the world!" I heard Leon say. A smile grew on my face as I stood up to go see everyone again.

"Are you gonna kill all the good guys?" Marino asked him.

"Yep!" Leon chirped and I laughed along with Marino. I met them at the front opening of the living room.

"Lucy!!" Leon yelled and ran to me. I squatted and hugged him, the picked him up.

"Where you been?" He asked me.

"Here." I laughed.

"Here?" He asked.

"Yeah, with Marino, and Katherine." And Antonio...

"I stay here too?" He asked. I shook my head.

"Mommy and papa would miss you too much." I told him.

"Mommy and papa." He repeated lowly and I nodded while tickling his stomach. His eyebrows furrowed and he pushed my hand away.

"No! Stop." He said.

"Yes sir." I giggle and kissed his cheeks then set him down on the floor. He ran over to one of the couches, climbed on then sat straight.

"Thank you." I heard Leonardo say as he walked into the living room, followed by Katherine and an 'Aless' twin.

"I've got to go." The twin said.

"You're staying, get Alessio over here. This shit's important." Marino told him. Alessandro didn't say anything besides nod his head, take out his phone and walk out.

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