First Day

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Momo woke me up, and we got ready for school. But, I guess I fell alseep, and woke up, thrift minutes late. I ran. I grab the ground, and launch myself into the air. The launch platform snapped back to the ground. My tie came loose, and I am pretty sure my buttons came undone, due to my huge chest. I hated them, but not when I use my quirks. They provide extra heat. I landed on my feet, rolling to prevent further injury. My hair was a mess, and I bolted through the building. I made it to me and Momo's class. 1-A. I opened the door, and started breathing heavy. "Sorry I'm late.." I gasped out. "I thought you got cold feet." Momo said, smiling. I smirked. "Awh, sis. I thought you knew me better than that." I teased, and finally caught my breath. A yellow, tired looking caterpillar spoke up from the front. Everyone told everyone their names, and quirks. Sero Hanta, tape. Todoroki Shouto, half hot half cold. Bakugou Katsuki, explosion. Ochaco Uraraka, zero gravity. Midoryia Izuku. He said he couldn't tell us his quirk, but he said we can call it Super. Then a bunch of other names. "Momo Yaoyorozu, my quirk is Create." My sister said. Caterpillar called me up. "Yanagi Yaoyorozu. I have multiple quirks. Manipulate, Manifest, and Crush Telekinesis." I said. Sero raised his hand. "Which one did you use in the Entrance Exam?" He asked. "Manipulate. That one and Crush Telekinesis make me cold, depending on how much I use it." I said, and bowed. I returned to my seat. "Okay.. Just talk amongst yourselves, today is a free day, you are also free to leave and go hang out." The teacher said. I sat beside Midoryia. He tapped my shoulder. "Can I talk to you?" He asked, gesturing at the door. I nodded, and we left. "You have three quirks?" He asked. I nodded. He pulled out a notebook. Then he asked me lots of questions about my quirks. "Which one is your own?" He asked. "Manipulate." I said. He smiled, shutting his notebook. "Let's be friends." He said, holding out his hand. I took it. "Call me Izuku." He smiled. "Then you can call me Yanagi. Or Yana." I returned the smile, and we went back in. The caterpillar was standing. "Today, we have to do hero names. I thought we'd do it tomorrow, but I guess not." He said, and another teacher came in. I recognized her. "Midnight!" I whispered, and I saw the same sparkle in Izuku's eyes. We did hero names. Momo's was Creati. How fitting. I thought of mine, and Izuku stood up. Deku. Hmm. I wrote my name on the board. I was called foreward. I showed my sign to the class. Manipula. Easy, and it has to do with my own quirk. "I like it!" Midnight said, and I noticed Bakugou and Todoroki staring, along with Izuku. Midnight left, and we returned to our conversations. Izuku was talking to Sero. Momo was talking to Ochaco, and I remember they were old friends. Every now and then Izuku would glance at me, his face red, then he would look away. Same with Bakugou and Todoroki. Were they sick or something? I stretched, and got up, and in the process, hit my knee on the desk. I sucked in a breath, then brushed it off. "Hey, you." A manly voice said. I turned around. It was Bakugou.  "I was.. I uh.." He seemed pissed at himself. "Do you want to be friends?" He asked. I was silent. He didn't seem like the friendly type. "Don't look so fucking freaked out!" He shouted, and I rolled my eyes. "Yeah. Sure. Call me Yanagi." I said, and his grunted. "Call me Katsuki." He mumbled. I glanced at Izuku, and mouthed "What just happened?" He shrugged. "If you can be friends with Bakugou, you can be friends with me, correct?" Todoroki said. I blinked. "Uh.. Yeah. Call me Yanagi.." I said. Soon the whole class wanted to be friends with me and Momo. I smiled and chatted with my new friends.

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