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Abhi's cell beep with notification, he checked that & throw his cell on bed, & fill the glass with alcohol, he sip it & he lost in his past life..

"Get out from my house, you are not from our family, we are Mehra's, you're not, do you get that Mr. Abhishek" Vin complete his all words..

Abhi stood on main door of Mehra Mansion, he with teary eyes- but.. Bhai.. papa..

Vin- Prem Mehra only my father, not yours, he adopted you, now get lost from here, right now!

Abhi didn't understand what actual Vin saying, his mind got blank, Vin close Mehra Mansion's main door on Abhi's face..

Abhi came in present with ring of cell, he go near bed, check caller I'd "Chashmish", he pick the call..

Abhi- hmm Chashmish..

Sunny- it's me rockstar..

Abhi- give cell to Chashmish..

Sunny handover cell to Pragya- haan rockstar..

Abhi- sorry Pragu, but I can't talk with kids right now..

Pragya listen Abhi's drunk voice, & she comes to balcony for talk- you drunk Abhi, in morning..

Abhi- hmm..

Pragya- bacchu's asking about you, today we plan for picnic..

Abhi rubbed his palm on his face & say- one notification destroyed my mood Pragu, I'm sorry, still I can't help it..

Pragya- ok, you take care yourself..

Abhi- Pragu..

Pragya- hmm..

Abhi- you have my house keys..

Pragya- haan..

Abhi- when you back to home, come here to my house with bacchu's, Maa & aloo..

Pragya- ok, don't drink too much..

Abhi- ok, one last sip, then I'll sleep..

Pragya- one more thing, don't think about past, it hurts you most..

Abhi- hmm, bye take care..

Pragya- take care & she cut the call..

Evening, Pragya open Abhi's house by duplicate keys, kids run in with excitement & direct enter in Abhi's room, & find he's sleeping, they both climb on bed, & start to woke up Abhi..

Pragya enter in kitchen & start to prepare lemon juice for him, Sarla enter in kitchen & peep, what Pragya doing..

Sarla look Pragya preparing lemon juice for Abhi, she ask her- he was drunk on morning..

Pragya- hmm, today Vin's birthday, & as always his cell's remind him..

Sarla with irritating tone- why Abhi keep Vin's birthday as reminder..

Pragya- Maa Vin he's Bhai..

Sarla with same irritating tone- that's why he apart Abhi from his life, & family..

Pragya- Maa that's their personal problem, we can't take a part in that, right..

Sarla- you know everything, right..

Pragya nodded in yes & she excuse from Sarla with lemon juice..

Sarla in mind- why they both argue with each other all the time, God they perfect for each other, plz do something..

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