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Demyan Point of View

"Aurora, put the gun down and go play with your toys." I warned my eldest child, my daughter who is nine years old and a true Mafian.

Yes, a Mafian!

She is like a little firecracker that is looking for a chance to show the world who is she and what she can do.

Though she is a girl and a just nine year old little doll, innocent face is just an act, she loves to be mischievous and her favorite sport is gun shooting just like me. She completely took after me which is a big relief because I am already facing problems with Luca, one of the twins and my second born.

The kid who needs to supposedly take over the throne and business after me went completely after my scarecrow wife. His twin Marco is a quiet and an observant person who possibly got his mannerisms from my mother and he is the only kid with a sane and neutral mind among all the three kids.

'Papa why should we use guns when we can kill people with words? I want to be like mama.' This is the statement my seven year old son Luca made few months ago when I was trying to tell him about my background.

Be like mama! Is that something inspiring or what?

Eleven years of me forced married to Zinnia and I can say my life is a tad little better as Zinnia started to behave a little less insane day after day. But the insanity is still there. She still does whatever comes to her mind but I managed to make her tell me first and seek my permission when something popped in her mind.

Like that, she really opened a Mafia university. How? How did she get the license from the government?

She visited the registration office for a whole year everyday with lunch for everyone. They got so crazy due to this girl that they gave the license under the terms and conditions that she shouldn't teach people against laws.

Surprisingly, she complied and now top notch government servants and people of intelligence department are certified from her university.

Such a surprise!

"Ouch! AURORA!" I bellowed hissing at my bleeding knee. Dammit it! She shot my knee!


"Yes papa!" And the innocent facade is back My daughter is a mirror of devil and when she mess up something, she puts on this cute innocent face that makes me give in easily.

"Oh my god, papa, you are hurt! I am going to throw that gun away papa. It hurt you." She Said as if her hand is not the one that operated it.

Her puppy dog eyes blinking at me evaporated my anger and I could only sigh and pat her head affectionately.

"You need to be punished for not listening to me." I said going to my room to treat the wound that my dear daughter gave.

"Oh come on papa, this is not even a deadly wound. You will be fine in two days. There Is no need to punish me for something so small." She shrugged and helped me wrap the cloth around the leg. She is so nonchalant that I find myself wondering if I was the same way before Zinnia came into my life.

"No you should be punished. You will spend alone time with your mama for an hour everyday for a week." I grinned at her pale face. She gulped audibly and looked at me with pleading eyes.

I controlled my laugh when I saw the horrified look on her face. Only Zinnia has a power over her wild nature. Just the mention of her name and she shudders like a leaf.


"Papa, alone time with mama? Why are you doing this to me? At least let Luca and Marco stay with us. I cannot play alone with mama. Mercy, Papa." She pleaded, sitting on her knees and shook me dramatically.

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