my butt is frozen cuz i was sitting outside on cold stairs lmao

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Hai again!

Im starting on your requests tonight so you can sleep tight!

Wow, what a rhyme.

Hi so I was tagged by PJOlover500

And im sorry that i said 'Idk who you r...." And stuff cuz i didnt check who tagged me ;_;

Im rlly sorry-

But lets get on to!

But lets get on to!

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1. Uhhh i was never yandere type or whatever and I wasnt rlly obsessed with somebody cuz that is a bit creepy  but I had been obsessed with Little Mix and Skillet as a kid and would listen to them n o n s t o p.

2. Uhh im obsessed with Game of Thrones??? Idk if it was meant as a person but still no cuz that is creepy-

3. Hmm I dont have fav band but I sure do love Little Mix, Skillet, Evanscence and Imagine dragons (also I love one republic)

4.  Melanie Martinez (idfc if u will say if she is 'rapist' cuz there are million reasons that covers that ) and Billie Eilish.

5. SimplyNail Logical (and her other youtube Simply not logical)

Also i recommend Kigani cuz she and her squad r rlly funny lmao

6. I had been on my first concert three years ago, which happend to be on New Year (and that is this festival every year. They have concert, fireworks, ice skiing and food)

7. I dont watch so much movies but I definetely love Scary Movies (all of them, those as a parody of real ones cuz they crack me every time)

And Johnny English ones too!

8. My fav actress is Emillia Clarke cuz she is sweet and funny.

9. I never had one of those lmao

But before dating I was into Nikolaj Coster :3

10. Hhh yes! First time was when I was into anime and they called it 'chinese ppl' lmao

And even they do it now but i ignore it.

11. AHHH i love books and my fav ones are all of series of Warrior Cats cuz I cry whenever cat dies, no matter from which clan.

However, i read those main ones not the special edition and my friend gave me manga (abt cat Sasha and Tigerstar)

12. Game of thrones😂

13. Idk if it refering from show but I shall choose Bronn, The Hound and Tyrion cuz all of them are savage.

And ofc Oberyn and Podrick.

14. Hmm well i love how HBO put LGBT in Game of thrines, that is what I love abt it.

15. Villians lile, pls chill-

16. Ofc, especilly for my gf.

And i would jump into train if I had to-

17. Currently, i am in relationship (with awesome and purest person ever alive) and...i am scared to tell people that I am with another girl. Bc of hating and homophobic slurrs and insults.

18. Sadly no.

19. Nope-

20. Idk what does that suposed to mean but lets just say that im fangirling everyday cuz of my gf cuz she makes my life happy and i cannot describe it.

And that is all!

I will just tag few ppl so yeh-







And that is all,


I forgot ti tag my fellow fwend


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