h a r s h i

22 8 7

so today i cried.

because i fucking missed you.

i realised how fucking alone

i am in this world

without you.

someone broke my trust

and now i don't know who to tell

this to because

he has everyone

wrapped tightly around

his fucking finger.

and you're the only person i have truely

and solely to myself.

i cannot belive i fucked up

this summer

and took you for granted,

but i'm so glad you forgave me

even after seeing what

a lying peice of shit i am.

i love you with all my heart

and i can never thank you enough

for just giving me shoulder

to cry on

and sitting through my yin-yang sessions :)


a/n: heyyy, so this is huge. i've mentioned a name wow. for the second time, actually. i try not to make it too personal but aj and harshi i love you queens

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