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•This book features an anime-related topic every week, focusing on as many opinions about it as possible.
•I will ask three or more people about this topic here on Wattpad and your answers as well as your name will be written down here (you can also remain anonymous).
•This will only work if you, the community, will help me out by answering or suggesting questions.
•If I ask for your opinion, I will use the private chat. If you don't want to participate, tell me in time, so that I can ask somebody else.
If you want to suggest a question, tell me in private chat also.
•You don't have to ask me if you want to do a project like this too, just mention my name (tag me) if you do.
•Chapters will be coming every Friday or Saturday.

That's got to be all. The project will be starting this Friday (10.01.2019).

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