Summer with the Malfoy's

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Katrina's POV

When I opened my eyes I found myself standing in front of a huge black-iron gate that blocked the Malfoy's Manor from unwanted visitors.

Mr. Malfoy performed a complicated charm that involved a series of wand movements and the gates opened with a loud squeal.

There was a gravel path leading up to the front door and we walked the length of it in silence. The minute we reached the door, it was opened by a strange creature I had never seen before. From what I'd heard about them, I gathered the creature was a house elf. I grimaced as I looked him over. He was wearing what seemed to be a tattered rag that appeared to never have been washed. I smiled kindly at him as we entered the house and he beamed up at me in return.

"Hello, I'm Kat. What's your name?"

"I is Dobby, ma'am." He said happily as he gave a low bow.

"Katrina, no need to waste time talking to the help, come join me in the parlor room. Draco and my wife are waiting for us there." I waved to Dobby and chased down the long hallway after Mr. Malfoy.

I saw him disappear into one of the side rooms and went to follow.

I had barely stepped through when there were two loud gasps.

"What in Merlin's name happened to you, dear?" A female voice cried out.

"Yeah, Katrina, you look horrible!" I heard a second and familiar voice add.

"Aww thanks, Draco! Just what every girl loves to hear." I said as I rolled my eyes and tried to rub some of the blood away. It was a lost cause.

"Here, sweetheart. Let me help you with that!" The woman said as she stood up and walked over to me.

"Scourgify," she murmured, pointing to my clothes. I watched in amazement as the blood started to vanish and my clothes were left clean.

"I'll have to remember that one! Very useful!"

The woman who I took to be Malfoy's mother looked me over with a critical eye as she clucked disapprovingly. She pointed her wand at me again and muttered a series of spells.

"There. I think that's the best we can hope for, the rest will just have to heal with time. You poor dear! My name is Narcissa, by the way. DOBBY!"

Dobby scurried into the room. Go and cook Katrina something to eat! When it's ready have it brought to the room we had made ready for her." She turned to Draco. "Draco, honey, can you please show Katrina to her room?"

I followed Draco out of the room. He lead me up two flights of stairs, down three hallways, and then made a right. I smacked into his back as he stopped abruptly.

"This will be your room while you stay here. It's right across from mine so...if-if you need anything feel free to knock on my door or just holler for our house elf.

"Um...thanks, Malfoy. I really appreciate everything your family is doing for me!" I whispered; though I still wasn't sure why they were being so helpful all of a sudden. "I honestly don't know what I would have done...though it was surprising when your father showed up and offered! Do you have any idea why?"

"No, he doesn't...doesn't really talk to me," he admitted as he looked down at the floor. I felt a wave of empathy wash over me. It sounded like he didn't have as glorious a relationship with his father as he made out. It wasn't very surprising, but all the same... "Anyways, it's no big deal; you being here! As you can see, we are not exactly tight on room - besides, it'll be nice to finally have someone to hang out with who isn't an idiot like Crabbe and Goyle are."

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