Chapter 36

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Zinnia Point of View


Yes Yes Yes!

That's it!

Argh, that's not how you do it. You need to twist the hand the other way.

Urgh! You should've hit his head instead of chest.

It would be easy if you had jumped a few inches more and pulled him hair down.

I am quietly watching Mr. Monk's fighting skills but he was so-so. I thought with those hard muscles and sharp looks, he would fight like a WWE but seriously he can just flail his arms loosely. Since he's a major Monk and minor Mafia, I think he can hardly hurt a person.

I want to help him so much but he ordered me not to move at any cost. If it was any other day, I would've not listened to him but just yesterday I read several article on internet about wives. According to them, a wife should do everything her husband tells and I am just doing that.

At least for today, I guess.

I cannot listen to someone for my whole life so at least for today; I will give it a try. If the trial turns out effective, then I will put it into action for some more time.

Even obedience has a warranty of only few years.

"Mr. Kidnapper!" I ran towards the hero of hero and hugged him tightly. His already rocky body suddenly went granite rock when I hugged him and my hubby's face turned like he had a dozen of lemons.

Hero of my hero? Yes. Mr. Monk is my hero and Mr. Kidnapper is his hero for saving his life. Hehehe

By saving Mr. Monk's life, he saved my life too. What would I do if something happened to him? Though I may not die in shock, it still would hurt me so much.

Dying with one's love is so old fashion. These days widow's and remarriage are trending but still I love my first marriage and my first husband.

"Thank you for saving my husband though that is my duty, I'm so grateful to you." I thanked him with a heavy tone full of gratitude.

"Wait a damn minute!" Tuyen yelled, finally speaking for the first time in whole one hour of arriving here. "If he is your friend, then why the heck did he kidnap Zinnia?" Tuyen questioned like a volcano.

Oh, she seems so angry!

But why?

It's not a bad thing to be kidnapped by friends. She is asking him as if they kidnapped me to torture me.

Hubby sighed and Mr. Kidnapper unwrap my hands around him and step several steps back from me. Right that moment, I noticed Albina walking towards Mr. Kidnapper with her large handbag.

Huh, do they know each other?

"I assume Egor has already told you about my life and how we met each other on streets." He looked at Mr. Egor who in return gave a nod.

Aww, now Tuyen and Mr. Egor are sharing secrets too. So romantic.

I already predicted their undying love for each other many days ago when I first saw them beside each other. They have a weird connection between them that even I can see it.

If Tuyen is electricity, then Mr. Egor is like the safety wire wrapped around her.

If Tuyen is a smart phone then Mr. Egor is like her phone number.

They are complete each other so much just like how I and hubby are. If I were the nature then he is a part of my creatures.

"That day, I did not just meet Egor but I also met Callisto. We three became friends very soon and lived together on streets for many months before working odd jobs and helping out each other to get a place to stay." Mr. Monk said which made Mr. Egor and Callisto smirk.

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