Chapter 10-Meeting An Ancestor

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-Sometime after Chapter 9-

Pain. Pain was all she remembered. The smell of blood and fox.  A  sharp crack in her leg that radiated pain for forever. Darkness was all that she could see.  A fox's growls. There was nothing was pain, endless pain. Forever screaming into the dark. A torment that she would forever more endure. Nothing would end it, and no help would come. This was Sagekit's torment for deserting her love for her parents.

Sagekit awoke screaming. But there was no one else around. Confused, she took a look around. A full moon shone through the trees. The stars sprinkled the night time air. This was where had been attacked by the foxes. Where am I? This must be The-Realm-Of-Eternal-Peace. I just have died. But how long has it been since then? All I remember is vague dreams darkness and external pain before I awoke mere moments ago. I must have been in a statis for quite some time before they decided that I was ready to enter in here.

The crisp cool air blew past her, and owls screed.  It was peaceful overall. As Sagekit went to explore, a She-cat came out before her from the bushes, and sat down. She had black fire with white markings, and iced blue eyes which gazed down at her. This startled Sagekit.

"Who are you?" Sagekit demanded. "Why have I been left to torment in my dreams before I was allowed to awake here?"

"Call me Moon, Sagekit. You will learn my true name later. We have not left you to torment. You neeed to let your brain let it's feel out first in your dreams. And you are not dead yet."

Sagekit was surprised. "Then why am I here? And where am I down below?"

Moon gave a quick answer. "You are in the Healing Den being taken care of. I brought you here to help you prepare for when you awaken from your coma. You have a great future, for you are to save your clan someday. But first you must learn from us, so we can help guide you. Doing this while you have no responsibilities while you sleep is ideal."

"Me? Saving Valleyclan? Well that is what me and Sunkit have planned to do together." Sagekit said in awe.

Moon had a solemn look on her face at the mention of Sunkit's name. "I regret to inform you this, but Sunkit has taken your place as the Mender's Learner. She has betrayed you."

"No, no, no!" screamed Sagekit in horror at the revelation, pushing aside what they had just been talking about. "Sunkit was my friend! Why would she do that? This isn't like her! Why would she do this to me?"

"Perhaps she grew jealous of you and took advantage of our injuries. Yes she saved your life after you were brought to camp, but she would have only done that because it was her duty in the future. I am very sorry for you."

Sagekit felt unquenchable anger rise up inside of her. "Traitor! She betrayed me! She has taken my life away, my dreams away! The only way that I would have been safer from my clan's prejudices is now gone. I can't become a warrior in their eyes! I know you that I can, but they will never accept me!"

"Do not worry!" Moon said trying to calm down Sagekit. "I am who has been sent to you to help you! We will find a way to deal with Valleyclan's problems, one way or another! You have no need to sleep here while your body heals, so we can talk it over for at least half a moon straight!"

Sagekit's fur bristled. "I know! Just give some time to cool down! It's not everyday that you find out that your best friend betrays you for their own selfish needs." They her eyes darkened. "In fact, I would like to get back at her and every other cat who has mistreated me! If  Valleyclan is to change, everyone must share the suffering of what will come!"

Moon had a face of puzzlement. "Are you.....sure about this?"

"Think about it Moon," explained a delighted Sagekit, "It is very clear to me that Valleclan will never easily change it's ways. Killing everyone is not an answer. So what needs to happen is that someone with the motives, such as me, must  become leader. If only I get the best of everything, everyone else is treated like dirt, except a few special select few. Those who need to change will do so out of desperation and out of love their families. They do not deserve it; they were raised this way. It is not fair to those who are prejudiced. But sometimes bad things must happen to lead the way for good things! I may be very young, but I am very smart. I am doing this for the good of the future generations. And for those who will never change, specifically those darkhearted elders, they can be be killed off!"

"Sadly, I have to disagree with you," responded Moon, "but we here are not to interfere with destiny. I will help you achieve your goals in any way that I can, for that is what we do here."

"Well how about training me to be more intelligent?" askes a calm Sagekit, who had cooled down because she had gotten to let her anger out.

"You as smart as you can be Sagekit. What if I could find another to help you with your rightful quest?" recommended Moon.

"Yes, yes please. It is fine if it takes you a while to do so.My plans may be unethical, but they are for the greater good!" Sagekit  liked how this ancestor of hers agreed with her. It made her feel important."

"Yes, yes it is my dear. Let us talk some more. Let's change the topic. You did promise Sunkit to mend your relationship with your parents." Moon reminded Sagekit.

Sagekit looked down at her paws. "Yes, yes I did. I will love them no matter what with all of my heart. I could never kill them. They may be horrified by what I do, but I am doing what I believe in. Nor will I kill my siblings. But Badgerkit and Sagekit are another matter. He laughed at me when he saw me injured! I heard it! Even if I have changed how he feels about me, he was wrong to do that to me! It is despicable!"

"Well, why not just take care of him in a manner that makes him look foolish, as if he caused his own death?" suggested Moon.

"Oh, I will, I will." agreed Sagekit. "But that is for another day. Shall we take break? We do have plenty of time, as you said."

Moon shook her heard in agreement and the two ran off to a stream. I will be forever remembered as evil, Sagepaw thought, and perhaps future generations will never understand my motives. What I am going to do is what many will view as wrong. But what goes on in Valleyclan, however small, is evil in itself. It is a mess of ethics. But alas, they always do say do what you believe in.

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