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thirteen; MISCHIEF

It seems Harold had left without waking Seulgi. She woke up at 10 that day, to an empty bed and a slight confusion. She asked Wendy, and sure enough he had left. She did not mind entirely, after all she was still disgusted by Harold's attitude of forcing himself onto her.

11 o'clock came around and Seulgi walked to the alley where she met Irene. The woman was already there, tapping her foot impatiently.

"Finally," Irene huffed. "Come with me," As she walked past Seulgi she grabbed her arm and tugged her along with her. Her thin fingers dug into Seulig's arm. Seulgi pulled her arm back harshly, glaring at Irene.

"Your husband left this morning, yes?" Irene asked Seulgi as she walked fast down the alley.

"Ah, yes,"

"A relief for you that is I imagine?"

"Yes, I suppose,"

"And he did not try to violate you again?"

"No. Where are you taking me?"

"To the town," Irene replied and turned her head to look at Seulgi. "You'll need this," She handed her a strip of colours she pulled out from her pocket.

Seulgi held it up with wide eyes, it was a purple, white and green sash. "This is-"

"Yes. Put it on," Irene instructed. Seulgi did so, and it hung over her body diagonally from her shoulder over her waist. She looked down at herself with a big excited smile. "I did not want to involve you in this, as you are so new, but Jennie insisted,"

"Involve me in what?" Seulgi asked the woman, jogging to catch up with her fast pace.

"You will see. I hope you are up for a little mischief,"

"Mischief? What kind of-"

"Kindly please do stop asking questions," Irene cut her off with sigh. Seulgi just raised her eyebrows and scurried after Irene.

Curiosity was eating away at Seulgi as Irene led her through alley ways and passages so hidden Seulgi weren't even aware they existed. They arrived behind the Jennie's house. Jennie approached them with two prams.

"Prams? Are... are we babysitting?" Seulgi asked, disappointment clear in her voice.

"No you fool," Irene rolled her eyes and grabbed a pram from Jennie. She showed Seulgi the baby. Which was not a baby, but a brick covered by a blanket.

"A- a brick?" Seulgi looked genuinely puzzled. "Why a brick?"

Irene's eyelids fluttered in frustration and opened her mouth to speak but thankfully Jennie talked before she could.

"You are to throw it through the town hall's windows," Jennie said calmly, as if it were a normal occurrence. Seulgi's eyes widened in shock.


"Yes," Irene hissed, shoving the pram to Seulgi and taking the other pram from Jennie. "It is not complex. I am sure even you are not too simple to understand that,"

Seulgi ignored the hurt her comment caused. "Gosh. And if we are caught?"

"Then run," Irene snapped and took a large hat out of the pram. "Wear the hat so your face cannot be seen," Seulgi did so, and it flopped over her face. "We are two women, friends, walking with our babies okay? Oh and take your colours off,"

"Yes," Seulgi replied, her excited smile returning. She took of her new 'colours' and rolled them tight before putting them in her pocket. "Gosh this is exciting,"

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