[Lemon] Pt3 Dabi X Neko Reader

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Is the moment you've been waiting for.... My dear readers?

One of the requests are done yaaay, I look horrible in dresses. I'm a shitty author for leaving you in the dark

Contains: drug use, oral, dirty talk, virginal and rough sex,

He stood up grabbing his coat but before he left he felt a pair of feline eyes on him turning to see your confused yet tired eyes "don't worry kitten I'll come back soon"

He opens the door and was about to close and lock it

"Then we can have some real Fun"

My little kitten

You woke up in a small room noting that the bed was comfortable, as you groan in anger. How long have you been captured by that black haired man? He had made sure that when the hero's attacked you weren't found, and when he found you, you did give him one hell of a fight.

You hear the door open as you hiss and growl, "hello, my love" dabi smirked, he pulls off his coat and lays on the bed he looks at you...."come here" he pulls on your chain that connects to a choker on your neck as you fall onto his chest.

You growl as he securly wraps you in his arms, "did you eat?" your ears flutter showing you heard him but you continued to be silent. He looks at you unhappy with the repsonse.

"they're still looking for you" your strong facade faltures as he smiles knowing what to do now, "not like they'd find you" you growl in warning. He smirks, "you were so cute on the catnip the other day.... Cuddling into me...... Kissing up nose, biting my-" your tail hits him as you state "alright you've made your point pin-head" you hiss as he looks at you.

"hmmm" he hums in thinking as you blush as he suddenly rougly groped your ass, as you try escape but he doesn't budge, you clamp your mouth shut not allowing moans or whimpers as he now grinds you into him as he kisses your ear "let's make this more fun".

You yelp when you suddenly feel a sharp pang of pain as you broke away from him to see a needle in your arm, "what is that" he smirks "you'll see soon kitten.

Not soon after you felt hotter than usual, panting louder and your tail thumped against the floor as you note dabi stood up to get a better view of your weak state.

" th-this is--"
"an aphrodisiac, a quite strong one by the way, ohhh and birth control." he smiled as you tried so hard to not be affected by the drug, but you collapse and he laughs at you picking you up he puts you onto the bed.

"and stupid twice or anyone else won't interrupt us..... I'm made that clear" you felt yourself purr as he seemed to enjoy the sound and feeling, he growled "as much as I love the sound your making love...... I really want you to scream my name"

He grabs your arms and pins them to the bed with one hand as he squashes your plump breast against his muscular, hot chest. You let out a mewl at the heat. "you like that ne?" he whispers into your ear licking it.

"Dabi~~ st-stop" you moan as his knee rubs harshly against your core "why should I?" he grinned. As he leaned in and licked your lips "you know I won't do you, without concent" he whispered making you hopeful.

"but I'll make you beg for it" he growled as he quickly tied your hands together taking off your pants and spreading your legs, his eyes widen at your soaked panties. "that looks uncomfortable" he mumbles as he stares at your lower region.

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