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david is stupid. he's so dumb. how could he pretend nothing happened? oh god, i hate him so much for making me fall for him. i tried to make him believe i didn't care, i don't want him to know how sad i'm, but it's hard. it's hard holding back all my anger and sadness. it's hard to pretend that everything is okay. 

"talk to him" zane grabbed my hand, squeezing it with his fingers.

"you can't pretend for the rest of your life, it will only hold you back" charlie said in a soft tone.

me, matt, zane, timothée and charlie were currently sitting in my bedroom. they were trying to make me feel better but it wasn't working. "have you cried?" timmy asked and i shook my head.

"not a single tear" i sighed.

"that's not good" matt rubbed my back. "you're holding back so much, i don't want to see you having a breakdown when everything hits you"

"you guys are right, but i can't talk to him" i exclaimed. "i can't, because i know he's going to say that he really likes me, and i know i will believe him"

"do you really trust that thing?" zane frowned his brow.

"it's a lie detector test, zane, it's not like she asked an eight ball or something" matt rolled his eyes, making me laugh.

"can i ask you something?" charlie said and i nodded. "can you please go to a party with us? it will make you feel better"

"i don't know..." i hesitated.

"c'mon, it will be fun" zane insisted.

"you can drink to forget" matt joked. "we won't tell anyone"

"phe, you will have fun, i promise" timothée said.

i looked at all four of them. "okay, i will go" i finally said making them cheer.

zane and matt left, saying that they would text me with the address. timmy went back to his apartment to change and me and charlie went to shower. "it's so unfair that you have your own bathroom" she joked.

"that's what you get when you pay 70% of the rent" i scoffed and she laughed, making her way towards the bathroom. we both showered and gathered in my room to get ready together.

after an hour singing loudly with the music i put, and a struggle to find the perfect outfit, we were finally ready. me, charlie and timmy hopped in my car and i drove to the party. "who's the designated driver?" i asked following my gps.

"me" timmy said in the backseat. tonight, i'm going to drink a lot, so i'm not driving. i avoided drinking since what happened in my past, but it's only for a day and i'm not going to drink and drive. i parked behind the multiple cars in the street and we went to the front door. zane told us to meet him and matt near the bar and we were looking for them over the thousands of people.

"hey! you came!" someone screamed from behind me, making me jump and turn around. zane.

"of course" i smiled giving him a quick hug.

"c'mon guys, matt is with the drinks" he grabbed my hand and i made a signal to timmy and charlie.

"my girl!" matt cheered. mariah and heath were also with him.

"hey guys" i hugged them three. "this is timothée and charlie" i introduced my two friends to mariah and heath

after the introduction, matt gave me a cup. "don't ask, just drink" he said and i did.

the alcohol burned my throat, making me cough a little. after three sips, i was okay with the taste. timmy and charlie disappeared after an hour or so.

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