Part 25 - Talk

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Natashya's pov,

They caught us at inappropriate way and now they can't stop joking around about me and Calum fuck while in fact, we didn't yet.

Yeah I knew our relationships already 7 months but a relationships was not supposed about the sex,right.

It just the love that you felt when you with a guy that loving you. He seems fine when we still not fuck yet but I can't keep continue their jokes.

I knew Calum didn't want to tell them the truth too because for sure, they gonna burn everything out.

"So, the girl's laughed from that night was Nat?" Ashton looked at Calum besides me.

"Yes, that's her" Calum nodded. "Woo when that's happening?" Michael asked him.

"For a little while ago" Ashton smiled. "Nate! You almost caught them" Michael exclaimed.

"Oh shut up. We didn't do anything that night" I looked at them.
"Aha? What's the moaned about?" Ashton smirked.

"Him" I pointed to Calum. He looked at me with questions face. I laughed.
"I still can't believe both of you are together. How's this can happen?" Luke held his head and about to scream.

"Ask your mate. He made the first move" I smiled. Their eyes on Calum.
"Dude, you did?" Luke shocked.
"I thought you hate her" Ashton said.

"I never said I hate her" Calum denied it.
"You did" Michael crossed his arms.
"Don't make things worst. It's before I fallen in love" Calum chuckled.

"You said you hate me?" I looked at him.
"Sorry honey lips" Calum grinned.

"Ahh never mind. I hated you too" I giggled. Calum giggled too.
"Both of you once hated each other" Michael palmed his face.

"But now, not anymore" Calum kissed my cheek.
"Mate, it still weird to me when you kiss her, the no smile bodyguard and now all she did are smiling like....what?" Michael shrugged while shook his head.

We laughed.
"You're so over dramatic" Calum threw the popcorn to Michael.

"Cal, you make the living room messy" I pinched his arm.
"Auch stop..." he whined.
"That's what you got when you did dirty" Michael laughed.

"Clean it up" I looked at Calum.
"Me?" He stared at me with his big brown eyes.
"Yes, you Mr. Hood" I raised my left eyebrow.

Calum rolled his eyes but still picked up the popcorns that he threw. His friends laughed at him.

Calum had that pout on his face. He sat beside me again.
"That's my bebe. He's being responsible on what he did" I pats his chubby cheek. No react.

"He's sulking. Dude, you're not a kid anymore. Gosshh this is happening when you are a single man for years" Michael laughed uncontrollably.

"Shut up, don't speak with my man like that" I looked at Michael. He shut his mouth.

Calum smiled to me when I mad at Michael. I'm not mad at all,guys.

"I have your back" I smiled to him.
Calum giggled and kissed me on the lips infront them again.
"Okay,that's cute" Ashton said in awe.

"My bodyguard and I. Wow the title of the novel" Luke said while quoting on the air.

"Mate, stop it" Ashton knitted his eyebrows to Luke.
"Not funny?"
"No at all" Calum wrapped his left arms around my waist. I sat closer to him and he pulled me close.

"Only Sierra knows my joke" Luke crossed his arms.
"That's because she's your girlfriend, idiot" I chuckled.

The day they knew about us already here. I'm glad they're fine with me being Calum's girlfriend. I put my head on Calum's shoulder.

I listened to their little arguments that actually something normal when they live together. Calum kissed my head and rubbed his thumb on my waist.

Little did he know, it's make me happy all the time.

Natum natum natum 💕

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