The Forbidden Forest

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Katrina's POV

When Gryffindors discovered that they were now in last place for the house cup, they were furious. Hermione, Ron, and I were luckily though. Sure, no one would talk to us anymore, but poor Harry! He was the famous one, the boy everyone had hoped would win the cup. He was now the most hated guy in school. Everywhere he went, people pointed and said all kinds of mean things!

On the other hand. He was now Slytherin's best friend and whenever they passed, they clapped him on the back and thanked him.

Hermione and I stopped drawing attention to ourselves in class. We just sat hunched over our parchment and scribbled down notes silently.

In a crazy weird way, it was a good thing that the exams weren't so far away. The four of us could throw ourselves into studying to distract us from the shame we were receiving. I myself had been used to this kind of treatment from living at the orphanage but never on this large of a scale!

Harry and I made a vow not to meddle from now on in matters that were not our business. Clearly it only ended in trouble.

Even Quidditch had lost its' fun. No one on the team would speak to Harry or I and when we ran drills no one would pass me the quaffle unless forced to by Oliver...

Hermione, Ron, and I were studying in the library one day when Harry ran in late. Apparently he had been walking by Quirrell's office when he'd heard whimpering and a voice crying, "no - no...not again, please! Alright - alright -"

"Snape's done it then! Said Ron. "If Quirrell's told him how to break his Anti-Dark Force what do we do Harry?"

Before Harry could answer I spoke up for him. "We either leave it alone or go to Dumbledore like we should have done ages ago. If we try anything ourselves we'll be thrown out for sure!"

Harry nodded his head glumly in agreement and we went back to reviewing.

The following morning the four of us were eating breakfast when four school owls swooped down carrying notes. They were all the same.

Your detention time has been changed. You will meet Mr. Filch at eleven o'clock tonight in the entrance hall.

We met up with Malfoy at eleven 0'clock. We looked at him in surprise, all of us having forgotten that he also, had received a detention.

"Follow me," said Filch, lighting a lamp and leading us outside. As he lead us out of the castle, he rambled on about how it was a pity that the old forms of punishment had died out and blah blah. To be honest, I zoned him out after awhile. That is until I heard Hagrid's voice float out of the darkness.

"Is that you Filch? Hurry up, I want ter get started."

"I suppose you think you'll be enjoying yourself with that oaf?" I opened my mouth to tell him that Hagrid was not an oaf but his next words chilled me to the bone. "Think again - it's into the forest you're going and I'm much mistaken if you'll all come out in one piece."

I saw Malfoy stop dead in his tracks. "The forest?" he repeated, and he didn't sound quite as cool as usual. I normally would have laughed to see him so scared, but truthfully, so was I. "We can't go in there at night - there's all sorts of things in there! Werewolves, I heard."

"That's your problem, isn't it?" said Filch, his voice cracking with glee. "Should've thought of them werewolves before you got in trouble, shouldn't you?"

Hagrid came striding toward us out of the dark, Fang at his heels. He was carrying his large crossbow, and a quiver of arrows hung over his shoulder."Abou' time," he said. "I bin waitin' fer half an hour already. Allright, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Katrina?"

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