Chapter 2 💃🏼

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Elise Layton 👠

Walking into Rockport high school is quite intimidating, even if I do have Jack right beside me. I hold my head high and try not to let the crowds of staring students bother me. I have guys grinning at me as we walk down the hallway and some girls looking with disgust.

If there's one thing I learned back in London, it's that first impression is everything. My behaviour today will set out who I am in the eyes of all these students.

Baring that in mind, I walk over to the nerdiest looking guy I can find. I can vaguely hear Jack behind me questioning what I'm doing. I ignore him and step in-front of the boy with messy black hair, purple rimmed glasses and his head almost glued to his open textbook.

"Hi." I say, drawing the word out in the sexiest voice I can. I almost laugh at myself but then I remember how serious this is and that image is everything. I need to be the good girl here and not a bit*h.

The boy looks up from his book, mouth slightly agape and gulps loudly. I notice that the students around us have become silent. You could hear a pin drop.

"Uh...uh hi?" He stutters and i giggle, giving him a wink.

"Is there anyway you could show me to the office? I'm new here." I lift my school bag higher on my shoulder and give him a coy smile.

"Yeah, Yeah sure. That's no problem." He replies, nodding eagerly.

I'm about to thank him when a very confused looking Blake Coleman takes a hold of my arm, "What are you doing?" He asks, blinking rapidly. His expression is too funny and so I think I'll mess with him a bit.

"I'm just getting some directions from my new friend..."

"Ben." The black haired boy interjects.

"My new and lovely friend Ben." I smile sweetly.

"Isn't he just adorable?" I ask Blake, taking a step forward, gently taking Bens hand in mind, turning it to the back, holding it up and giving it a lingering kiss.

I hear a whole choir of gasps around us and Blake begins to scowl at Ben.

"Listen Peach. I am obviously the hottest guy here and you are the most stunning girl here. I am the school quarterback and you are the new British girl. All of that means, you need to be with me." I roll my eyes, watching him keep pointing to himself and talking to me like I'm thick. "Do you understand?" He adds and that's the last straw.

"What I understand is, that you..." I point at him with one of my baby-blue glittered finger nails. Damn, that colour was a good choice. Anyway, back to the point. "...are an absolute plunger and need to stay away from Ben and I."

I link arms with Ben and pull him with me down the hall.

"What do you mean I'm a plunger?!" Blake shouts behind me.

"Use your minimal brain cells to try and work it out!" I call back.

I huff in anger and look around at the other students shocked faces. Then my eyes meet a set of hazel ones that are glistening with amusement. I study a gorgeous tanned face, chocolate coloured hair and the cutest dimple I've ever seen. The guy in the black jacket, leaning lazily against a yellow locker is smirking at me and I wink in response.

I can be good and still have a little fun, right?

"Hey Blake?!" I holler down the hallway behind me.

"What's up? You changed your mind Peach?!" Blake calls back.

"No. I just wanted to let you know that you're not the hottest guy in school."

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