Bathroom Happening

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Camren- (This is about my dream many nights ago so I decided to make it as a smut lol)

Camila is currently having a good time at their church and there was Lauren, the girl she never talked to anymore. They had the biggest misunderstanding and it seems like it will never be gonna fixed again. She can sense that Lauren has been giving her stares every second so she decided to go inside the bathroom.

She walked through the pathways towards the bathroom and she can feel that someone's following her. She fastened her steps but someone bumped onto her, it's her friend, Taylor.

"Oh hi! I missed you so much Camila!", Taylor greeted as she hugged Camila.

Some people passed by them so they got interrupted.

"Hey I missed you too, but I really gotta go to the bathroom.", Camila said.

"Sure, see you when I see you.", Taylor said.

Camila immediately got in the bathroom and suddenly, the door slammed and was locked. She heard familiar giggles outside, it's Dinah, Mani and Ally.

She swallowed the big lump inside her throat. She had this feeling that she's being set up.

"Hello? Anyone out there? I'm locked.", she said with a shaky voice.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of the door of the cubicle. And a cold hand grabbed her and brought her in the first cubicle.

Her eyes were closed and she wanna shout but the person covered her mouth. That's when she smelled the nostalgic arouma of a familiar perfume, it's Lauren's.

She opened her eyes and looked at Lauren's. She suddenly got lost and a tear came out of her eyes. Lauren removed her hand on Camila's mouth.

"I fucking missed you Camz.", Lauren said as she opened the cubicle.

"I shouldn't have done this. I'm sorry, you can leave.", Lauren said.

Camila shook her head that made Lauren really surprised.

Camila pushed Lauren on to the bathroom wall and kissed her passionately.

"I've been waiting for this moment for so long Lolo. If you only knew how fucked up I was when we stopped talking.", Camila said sincerely.

Lauren grabbed Camila's face and sucked the younger girl's lips harshly. She started kissing her jaw down to her neck. She sucked the sweet spot there and made sure that a mark will be left.

Camila reached for the button of Lauren's pants. She unbuttoned Lauren's pants and slid her hand in the older girl's now wet panties.

"You're wet Lolo.", Camila said not breaking the eye contact.

She rubbed Lauren's clit in circular motion with the fabric, still on. Lauren whined as she felt her clit throbbed.

"You shouldn't be the top Camz.", Lauren jokingly said.

"I won't, I just wanna pleasure you babe.", Camila said kissing Lauren's lips.

"I could've done this earlier.", Lauren said while they were kissing.

Camila just hummed in response.

Camila carried Lauren above the sink and put down her undone pants and panties.

"Perfect.", Camila said.

She started rubbing Lauren's bare clit again. She can see the wetness inside Lauren's pussy, seems like it's really really hungry.

Camila immediately licked Lauren's clit in a circular motion and the side by side.

"Fuck you're driving me crazy Camz.", Lauren whisper yelled.

"Yeah? You like this huh?", Camila asked getting even hotter in Lauren's eyes.

"Come on, let me cum please?", Lauren asked, not removing the eye contact.

Camila made the phase faster and harder.

"Cum for me baby.", Camila said feeling the fatigue.

"Oh my- oh shit! I'm fucking cumming baby.", Lauren moaned quietly.

Lauren's legs started shaking until she was already done with her orgasm.

Camila sucked her fingers and licked Lauren's cum off of it.

"Time's up baby. On your back, now.", Lauren ordered.

Camila bend over, just like Lauren's position a while ago.

Lauren removed Camila's clothes and she spread her legs.

"I'm gonna make you cum and we'll get out like nothing happened. And, hey, do you have a mouthwash?", Lauren asked.

Camila just shook her head.

"But I have candies, those will do.", Camila said smiling at Lauren.

Lauren kissed Camila's lips slowly.

She licked Camila's pussy slowly, at first. She licked it fast later on and for a minute. Then, she put her two fingers in Camila's mouth to get some spit.

"This is a lot of spit babe.", Lauren said as she put her fingers inside Camila's pussy and started pounding it hard.

"Lick it, lick it please.", Camila begged.

Lauren licked Camila's clit while still fingering her.

"Baby, I'm cumming so hard.", Camila moaned loud enough to be heard by someone outside.

"Shhh.", Lauren ordered.

Camila covered her mouth while cumming all over again and all over the place.

"Fuck.", Lauren said while pulling out her fingers. She sucked them and ended it with a pop.

"Holy shit, that was great. Maybe we could hang out secretly more often.", Camila said while grabbing Lauren's face and peppered it with kisses.

"Fuck, I really missed you Camz.", Lauren said putting Camila down and kissing her again on her lips.

"Let's fix ourselves.", Lauren said as she grabbed her clothes and put them on. Camila then followed.

"Here's the candy.", Camila said while giving Lauren a flirty stare.

"Thanks, I love you.", Lauren said kissing Camila's forehead and eating the candy.

"Let's get out of here.", Camila said opening the door.

Dinah, Ally and Mani surprised them.

"What took you so long?", Mani asked Lauren while raising her eyebrows.

"No uh. You don't have to lie, we heard Mila.", Dinah teased.

Lauren and Mila blushed.

"Wait... did you just had sex in the church's bathroom?!", Ally exclaimed.

Dinah covered Ally's mouth while Lauren and Camila slowly nodded.

Ally just rolled her eyes and laughed.

"So, you two are a thing now huh?", Mani asked.

"Not yet.", Camila and Lauren said in unison.

"Oh, come on, let's escape and have a movie marathon at Ally's house.", Dinah said.

They all agreed and left. The bathroom has still the smell of orgasm.

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