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EXO's Birthday Greeting to Chanyeol (Ep. 3 EXO's Showtime)

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Suho: *sings* You were born to receive love, Chanyeol!

Chen: Chanyeol-ah, happy 22nd birthday!

Xiumin: Even though you won't look like you've aged, you will feel it. Take a good care of your body while you can.

Kris: Chanyeol. Yeah, it's your birthday. You will like my present right?

Lay: Today is your birthday. Sincerely, congratulations.

Sehun: (The one) I'm always thankful of and love.

D.O: Let's go together for the next 100 years.

Baekhyun: What is this (Tone's laughing, he don't know what to say)

Tao: I love you!

Luhan: I love you!

Kai: I love you!

credits to Olivia Ha-Hoang (Pinterest)

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