Entrance Exam

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My alarm goes off early, and I groan, slamming it off.
I hear Momo jump onto the bed. "Yana!! Get up, we have to get ready!" Momo cries. "Okay, okay." I said, getting up, and taking a shower. I blow dry my hair, and put a clip in it, after brushing it. I put on my Junior High uniform. I went out, and me and Momo ate breakfast. "Momo.. Are you nervous?" I asked. She shook her head. "I am excited. We have to get through the entrance exam, though." She said. I nodded, and we left.

~Time skip to Entrance Exam beginning~

I couldn't see Momo. "Ready! Go!" I took off instantly, using my Manipulate quirk. I grabbed the ground, and made a rising platform. I was instantly freezing, but I was fine. I saw a robot fly at me. I lifted my hand, stopping it. Telekinesis, Hand version. I saw a pole. "Momo!" I called, and I saw her smile. I helped her across and we made it until the mine field. Explosions were going off above head, and I saw a boy with spiky hair fly over. "Oh no you don't." I said, and grabbed a safe spot. "Momo, c'mon!" I called, and she joined me. I rose above the field, and decided to stop the boy. I used telekinesis to stop him for a second. We flew past him, and made it to the other side. I released the ground, thanking it for its assistance. "Momo, think you've got this one?" I asked, seeing tightropes and a very dark pit. She nodded. A girl with pink hair flew across the rope. Hell nah! I used my Manipulate quirk. This time, I didn't go above. I went under. I went as fast as I could, and I got colder. My lungs felt frozen. Ignored it and pushed on until I reached just before the finish line. My limbs froze up, and I collapsed. "Yana!" Momo cried, and I felt her help me up. Together, we made it across. "I don't know how to help you.." She whimpered. I was shivering. "Warm.." I managed to get out. "Warmth.. Okay. Uh.." She said, and I saw a kid with black hair run toward us. "Is she okay?" He asked. "It's her quirk, she overused it. She gets cold when she uses it, and she used it too much." Momo said. "I don't know how to make any heating materials." She said. The boy with black hair touched my arm. "Dear God.. Anyone here have a quirk that generates heat!?" He screamed. "Your.. Quirk?" I asked. "Tape.." He said, and I saw tape come from his elbow. "Please.." Momo whispered. "ANYONE!?" He screamed, and countless kids surrounded us. A guy with red and white hair came up to us. "I've got fire." He said, and came to me. Momo helped me sit up, and he lit his hand on fire. Dear Lord, the heat was wonderful. I slowly dethawed. "What did I say about doing that, Yana?" Momo asked. "I'm sorry.. I just wanted both of us to make it." I said, smiling. The guy's flame grew bigger, then went out. I grabbed his hand, stopping him from leaving. "Thank you." I said. His face grew red, and he nodded. He left.

We went through the rest of the day, and eventually went home.
"Oh, I hope we did good." I said, taking off my uniform. I set it aside neatly, and put some sweats on. Later on, we got our results. "We made it!" We screamed, laughing. "Oh, I am so glad we made the Hero Course together." She said, smiling. I nod, and I hear our stomachs growl. "I'll make dinner." I said, and made some takoyaki. We ate, then watched TV for awhile, before heading to bed.

Bare with me!! This is a boring chapter, I know. But later on, the real fun begins.

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