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Chapter 30

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- Caspar's POV -

We had been back 'home' at the apartment for over a week now. Neither of us moved out, because it was like another unsaid battle we were having. Neither of us wanted to give in and move. Yet, even though Joe was still here, and I'd see him eating, or hear him filming a video, or watching TV, or playing FIFA, I had never felt so... lonely

I heard my phone ringing and I jumped. After everyone realized I was ignoring the calls within the first few days, they all decided to give me space. I looked at the caller I.D. Troye.

"TROYE!" I yelled, instantly excited.

"Caspar! It feels like it's been forever." His voice was so calming. It had been days since I had actually spoken to one of my friends, and I was glad it was him.

"So I was wondering if you'd want to film a video together? I'm going to be near your apartment and I could stop by... I mean if that's okay, if you want to?" He asked.

"Of course I want to Troye, and you can stop by any time." There was an urge in my mind to ask about Tyler but I tried to ignore it. I felt like it still might be a touchy subject. I figured if he wanted to say anything about that, he would tell me.

"Thanks, Caspar. I'll see you in about an hour?"

"Okay sounds good." I couldn't help but be excited.

The line went dead, and I smiled to myself. Had Troye forgiven me?

It occurred to me that I was in the same pajamas that I'd been in for days. I shook my head at myself. I had become a mess. I quickly changed into my Trxye jumper, and jeans. I brushed, and put gel in my hair.

By the time I had finished, the doorbell rang. I ran over to get it, and almost ran into Joe, as he was trying to answer the door.

"It's for me." I said, almost proudly. He simply nodded before returning to his room. The doorbell rang a second time, and I opened the door. As soon as I saw Troye's face, I couldn't help but throw my arms around him.

"Troye!" I yelled in excitement.

He patted my back, "Casparr." He said a bit awkwardly.

"So am I forgiven yet?"

"Of course. Who could stay mad at you?"

Joe. Joe could stay mad at me. In his defense I was still a bit angry at him, but still.

After we settled into my room, ready to film, Troye said, "I have a bit of what may seem like an odd request."

"What is it?" I asked with a small laugh.

"Well. Tyler and I aren't together. We're friends. And if either one of us said we aren't together, people might think we were fighting, or broke up, it might cause an actual fight. So Tyler thought of a different way to show everyone we aren't together. So ummmmm."

"Ummmm?" I asked.

"Can we kiss? I mean for like a truth or dare video?" He blurted out.

I laughed, "Sure, Troye." 

"Thanks, Caspar. I knew you'd help." He said, smiling at me. His words stang. It felt as if he had just said, "Thanks, Caspar. I knew you'd do it because everyone knows you're the slut."

But I forced a toothy smile, as we started the video. We did silly stupid dares and answered various questions.

"Kiss... On the lips." Troye said, his jaw dropped. I laughed fake nervously for the video.

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