Your Quirk and Other Info.

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You got a mixture of your mother's quirk, your father's quirk, and your sister's quirk. Your father's was a quirk called Manifest. He could create things from anything around him, as long as he knew what would make the right substance he wanted.

Your mother's was a quirk called Crush Telekinesis, gaining her parents quirks. She could look at something and crush it without any effort, depending on the size of the object. She can also undo her quirk, and move anything with her mind.

Your sister's quirk is, of course, Create. She can make anything, as long as she knows the exact components of the object she is making.

But, your origin quirk is also your very own. Your's is called Manipulate. You can grab anything even solid stone, and shape it into whatever you wish. Though, using this requires a very strong grip, but otherwise it is a very useful quirk.

So, then we have all the quirks in one bundle, which you call Mix. You can use each quirk at the same time, but they are different from their original quirks. Manifest and Create, the same thing, can only be used if you know the exact chemical components of what you are trying to make, much like Momo's quirk. And Crush Telekinesis can only be activated if you touch it, saying any key words, such as 'Rise', 'Fall', 'Crush'. The telekinesis part, if you wanted to move something from one place to another,  you have to stare at it, then it will start to move, then you look at the spot you wanted it to go, then blink. Or, you can use your hands, which is instant, and much easier to use. But, generally, your Mix quirks are voice activated.

You are sixteen, with short, black hair, and gray eyes. You perfer to wear anything baggy, and non-constricting. You have to have a lot of coverage, due to your Manipulate and Crush Telekinesis quirks, which make you freezing, depending on how much you use them. You love music, but perfer silence, mostly. You enjoy cooking, cleaning, and staying productive or busy. You live alone, with Momo, and you love her until death, because of your parents dieing. Your name 'Yanagi' translates to 'willow' as in a willow tree.

There you go!! Costume info will be added further into the book. Also, before anything, this WILL NOT be exactly like the actual My Hero Academia (Boku No Hero Academia) anime, and it was only used as a preference. This fanfiction belongs to the creator of MHA/BNHA. Also, don't yell at me because you probably know more about Momo's parents than I do, but, again, this is a fanfiction. Completely fake. So don't go off on me.

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