Chapter Five: "And I know your warmth is closest to reality"

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Word Count- 915

*Third person*

Colby woke up soon after the surgery, dosed up on morphine, and high. Most of his friends went home, besides Sam, Brennen, Corey, and Uncle Elton. Colby looked at the clock which read 6:43 in the morning Elton was up editing a video, and the others were asleep on extra chairs nurses brought in for them.

"Hey," The Blue-eyed boy croaked, "Elton?"

Elton looked up at the boy with sincere eyes, "You're awake. Should I wake the others, or get the nurse?" he smiled as he took his headphones off.

"No, that's fine, but I have a few pre-recorded videos, can you get me my computer?" The boy asked.

"Sure let me ask Aaron to bring your stuff over," Elton looked at the dosed up boy oddly, while he was talking he received weird looks from the sedated boy.

"ThAnK YoU UnCle ElTy," Colby half whispered half YeLlEd. Elton opened his mouth about to talk but was cut off, "ShHh, UnClE ElToN YoU HaVe To Be QiEt,"

"I'm not even going to bother," Elton said as he rolled his eyes. He groaned as he got up from his seat and half crawled over to his phone.

"YaS, wOrK It," Colby said sassily snapping his fingers as he puckered his lips like a duck.

God, what is wrong with thy child? Elton asked himself.

A few hours after Elton texted Aaron, he finally arrived. The others were still asleep while Colby was giving the nurse a hard time with his cords because he kept pinching the IV drip, so Elton had to threaten Colby with gluing the pink wig on his head again, and not giving him the antidote afterward. He practically stopped instantly. The nurse lessened the dosage of drugs so he could think a little clearer but she warned the group that he might have slight amnesia.

"You know you guys can leave right?" Colby said he didn't want to be a burden to the rest of them. "I'll be fine on my own."

Everyone looked at Colby and started laughing, "You know that you being by yourself is why you're here, right?" Corey chirped in.

"Well-" Colby began before he was cut off.

"You know what I think I should get going I have to go feed circa," Elton cut in not wanting to hear Colby argue. Most of the viewers didn't know this but Colby is very persuasive, and usually wins arguments due to his common sense.

"Mmk." Sam said, "I'm gonna go with you, hang with Kat."

Soon enough Colby was alone with Brennen. The one they desired. They both wanted to come out when they were alone, but they didn't at the same time. The silence within the small hospital room was slowly suffocating them both.

"Brennen, can you hand me my headphones?" Colby wanted to escape the silence.

(Imma be a little unrealistic in this, but this is a fanfiction so I can technically do whatever I want with it and imma say Colby is super gay, gay to the point where he likes KPOP because I like KPOP and we should all like KPOP. LY)

"Uh, sure." Brennen passed the headphones to him.

"Thanks," Colby said

"No problem."

*Colby's POV*

I plugged in my headphones and shuffled my KPOP playlist, and immediately, the worst song that could come on, at any moment, of the 800 songs I have on my playlist. Tempo. Tempo has to come on. Life gotta mess with my feels.

"You're so charming, you're lovely

There's nothing separating us

Heartbeat becoming unstable

Just close your eyes trust me"

The English lyrics are the worst part. It's like the universe likes to see me struggle. Apparently, while I was in thought of remembering the lyrics, I was saying exactly what the words said.

"You good."

"Yeah." I said dragging out the "h" He gave me a weird look.

"Can I tell you something," We said in sync. This is my chance to tell him how I feel, I can't blow it. But would it be worth it? Would he even want me? I've abused myself as much as it is. I'm not worth it.

"You go first," Brennen said.

"No, it's not important." I backed out. I'm way in over my head if I even think that there is a chance he likes me. "So what did you want to say?"

"Well, I sort of have feelings for this person, but I'm really close to them, and I don't want to ruin the relationship that I have with them because I'm not sure they feel the same about me." Brennen blurted out in one breath.

"I say that if you really care for them, then you should tell them, and if you and they are in a good spot then they should still love you whether its romantically or still as a friendship, " I said.

"Thanks, Colby that helped." He said

I turned my music back on and the rest of Tempo played, but the song after wasn't much better the choreography



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"Oh wait til' I do what I do

Hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du du (Ah yeah, ay yeah!)

Hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du du (Ah yeah, ay yeah!)"

Were the lyrics. I put my fingers up in the shape of a gun and followed the choreo.

Brennen looked at me as if I was psychotic."Man whats the dosage of the morphine?" He asked

"I have no idea!" I replied. 

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