Chapter 31; Catching Up

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6 Months Later

6 months had passed by. Rosie had found a new man and eventually moved in with him. Triniti allowed Jared to move in with her after he was able to stand on his leg again. Olivia stayed back with Michael so they could raise the baby together. Ebony hasn't come around much since the fight although they have had a few run ins with Chyna. Everyone felt happier since Jared got out of the hospital.


I was already 6 months pregnant, and boy was I showing. My feet were swollen but I continued to stand in the kitchen and make hot chocolate for our guests. "Hey, baby. I can do that for you. Go sit down." Michael walked in. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and kissed the top of my head. "It's okay, my love. I am just about done. You can carry it out, though?" I responded. He smiled in agreement to carrying the tray. I poured 4 glasses from the teapot, placed them on the tray and handed them to Michael. I proceeded to make my way to the fridge and grab a plate full of mini sandwiches. Then we made our way into the living room. It was the winter season so everyone was wrapped up. Of course, I snuggled up next to Michael. "So, have you picked out any baby names yet?" Triniti asked. Michael and I shared a smile. We didn't know the gender yet as we wanted it to be a surprise. "Well, for a girl we were thinking CeAnna, and for a boy we were thinking Michael Jr. Of course." I responded. "Oh, I like CeAnna. That's beautiful." Triniti responded. "You don't like Michael Jr.?" Michael teased. "No, hate it. Want it to go." Triniti sarcastically responded earning a laugh from all of us.

Our laughter had been interrupted by a knock at the door. "I'll get it." Michael said as he approached the door. "Rosie! We didn't know you were coming!" Michael said. "Olivia texted me and said I was free to stop by. Is it alright that I brought Matthew?" She asked. "It's perfectly fine. We just put out some sandwiches and made some hot chocolate. Take a seat and I will grab you two a cup." Michael said. My mother and Matthew, her new boyfriend sat on the couch next to me while Michael excused himself to the kitchen. In no time, he returned with the hot chocolate and sat back down with me. "So, how has everything been around here? How is the pregnancy going?" My mother asked. "Everything is good, Momma. I am so ready to give birth. I am just excited to meet the little one." I gleefully responded. "You don't know the gender?" Matthew asked. "No, we want to find out when I give birth!" I told him. He smiled, "I see." When my mother first met Matthew we thought she was moving too fast, but over time we grew to love him just as fast as she did. He was one of those people. He was an amazing man for my mother and if she was happy then I was too.


"I still can't believe you let that bitch touch you." Indea said. "You know that was 6 months ago, right?" I snapped. People needed to stop getting on my case about that night. It was 6 months ago, not yesterday. Yet they still talk about it as if it was yesterday. "Yeah well, I am still surprised you didn't need any medical attention. Chyna said your face was so bloody you looked like you had a bad case of sun burn." Indea responded. I looked at Chyna with an evil expression. "Since when did you start running your mouth? Goodness, you girls are starting to get on my damn nerves already." I yelled. "Well you don't have to stick around Ebony. We're starting to get sick of your constant attitude." Chyna said. My constant attitude? It wasn't like I had one for no reason. "Well maybe if you girls talked less, you could pay more attention and actually learn something of value.. you wouldn't be getting on my nerves so much. Especially you, Chyna. You becoming more like Mishell as the days pass." I said. "Keep that same energy when Triniti runs down twice. I was the only one helping you that night." She snapped back. "That's because I didn't tell anyone else. Did you have a choice?" I said, rolling my eyes. "Honestly yes, and it was clearly the wrong one. I'm not involved in your scheming, petty drama anymore. You're on your own, Ebony." Chyna said. I was so pissed, how dare she talk to me like that? I made her what she is today. How disrespectful. An awkward silence filled the air. Indea and Mishell silently sat and observed our argument. "You know what Ebony? I'm out of here. Don't contact me if it isn't to apologize. You're so toxic." Chyna said as she got up and headed for the door. "By the way, you were never the Queen of shit. Everyone pretended to like you because they were scared of you. You only came out with 3 friends." She said, "well, I guess 2 now." She added before walking out of the door. I didn't need her anyway. She'll realize the mistake she is making eventually. "I think we're going to go too, Ebony. At least I am. I have to be home." Indea said. "Mishell?" She asked her. Mishell looked clueless. "I don't have to leave yet." She said. Indea shook her head and walked out of the house. Oh well, I don't need any of them. Besides, she might be an air head, but at least I still had Mishell. She could help me with my scheming against that Olivia bitch.


We all remained in my living room just talking and sharing jokes. We were enjoying the quality time we were spending with one another. Nothing could ruin this happy feeling we all had for months. Another knock could be heard at the door. I wondered who it was since everyone I knew, and really liked was in the room. I got up and answered it. The smile I was confidently wearing upon my face quickly faded when I realized who was standing before me. "What- No why are you here? You've done enough damage to me. Why did you return?" I immediately spat. Michael stood up and began making his way over. "Olivia, I just want a second chance. Maybe not to be with you, but to at least be in your life." He said. "Bryson. Do you not remember what you did?" I rhetorically asked. Michael came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Can we help you?" He asked. "I've got this, Mikey." I said. "Mikey huh? You two got together after all?" He asked. I nodded my head. "So then I guess what I did in the past doesn't matter much does it?" He asked. "You've got to be kidding." I said with a slight chuckle. "Liv-" I cut him off. "Olivia to you. Matter of fact, I'm sorry, do I know you?" I began acting like an asshole. "You need to leave." Michael said. I dropped the blanket that was unintentionally hiding my stomach. "You're preg- pregnant?" He immediately asked staring at my stomach. "Well, I guess you two wasted no time. Anyways, it was worth a try. I really am sorry for the damage I did to you. For what it's worth, I did love you. I just didn't realize until it was too late. Goodluck on everything. Bye." And with that, Bryson walked away. There was no point in him even showing up. I picked up the blanket and walked back to the couch. "Who was that?" Triniti asked. "Bryson." "What??" She rhetorically questioned. "He must have just got out of rehab." Jared said. I forgot he was there. "Well he looks better. Can we talk about something else?" I said.

Everyone agreed to change the topic but before we chose a subject, a third knock was heard at the door. "What the hell? Who is it now?" I asked, still irritated from the unpleasant visit from Bryson. I walked over to the door, and Michael followed to make sure it wasn't anyone dangerous. "Before you kick me out-" the person started as I cut them off, "Triniti! Company!" I yelled as I went behind Michael to protect our baby. Triniti rushed over to the door. "What the fuck do you want? You came to get your ass beat too?" Triniti immediately popped off. "Don't threaten me. It's taking all of me to not say something rude right now. I come in peace anyway." Chyna said. "Yeah, okay." Trinity said, ready to fight. "I just wanted to let y'all know to watch out. Ebony got something up her sleeve. I figured I would come to warn you about that ungrateful bitch before she strikes." Chyna said. "Um, thanks?" Triniti said in confusion. Chyna began walking away as Triniti closed the door. "Why doesn't she give up?" I asked. "Honestly, they shady. I don't know what to believe. All I know is that this could be a set up." Triniti stated.

Hours passed by and my mother and Matthew left first. Triniti and Jared stayed back to help clean. Once the cleaning was done, Michael and I got ready for bed. We changed into our pajamas and laid down. As always, he pulled me into his arms. Before I was able to fall asleep, I had so many things on my mind. My pregnancy, Chyna and Ebony, and Bryson telling me he loved me. Why the hell would he show up like that. Not that I am having second thoughts about Michael. I just think Bryson is wildly inappropriate. I wish to never see him again. Michael began to stroke his fingers through my hair, "I know you're feeling stressed, hun. You gotta let it all go. It's not healthy for either of my babies. Okay?" He reassured me. I listened to his voice which happened to be very soothing to me, and I soon drifted off to sleep.

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