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Okay, so a few days ago a friend on Instagram and I came up with this prompt by accident lol and it turned into this, hope you enjoy!

PROMPT: Andi and Amber hang out at the park, where sparks fly and feelings grow
Word Count: 1098

Amber and Andi giggle as they lay down their picnic blanket on the ground of the park. The two girls sit down and Andi takes out the food she brought in her tote bag.
"So, Chef Andi, what delicious meal have you prepared for us today?" Amber says in a fancy voice and laughs.
"Well, here we have an exquisite combination of bread, meat, and cheese." Andi plays along. She dramatically reveals one of the turkey and cheese sandwiches from it's tin foil wrapping. "Ooh, very nice!" Amber clapped her hands together. Andi laughs and kneels. She holds out the other sandwich ceremoniously in front of Amber. "Your sandwich, M'Lady." she smiles. Amber's cheeks turn light pink and she takes the sandwich. "Last time I remember though, you were the queen." she winks.
Andi giggles. "Oh right, 'Your Majesty'"
Amber nods and takes out the water and various sodas she brought. "Oh, you know what we could do?" Andi perks up.
"She's so cute." Amber thinks to herself.
"What?" she shrugs.
"There's some flowers around here, we could make crowns!" Andi squeals. Amber smiles, "Sounds fun, except I don't know how." Andi shrugs and puts her hand on Amber's arm, making both of them blush. "Don't worry, I'll teach you while we're eating." Amber nods. While Amber is eating her sandwich, Andi is picking some flowers. She comes back a few minutes later, her hands full with flowers. "These are perfect!" She sets the flowers down in between them and takes a bite from her sandwich.
"Ready to start?" Andi asks. Amber nods and sits up. "Walk me through it."
The two girls laugh and banter as Andi teaches Amber how to make the perfect flower crown, Amber's heart practically bursting out her chest.
    Andi was already on her second one, while Amber was still trying to get her first one down, which kept falling apart. "You okay there?" Andi asks, looking up from her own work. Amber nervously laughs and shakes her head. "Nope, it keeps falling apart." Andi examines Amber's work. "Oh, I see what you're doing. Here, I'll help you." Andi moves next to Amber and demonstrates how to fix the crown, her hands holding Amber's.
Amber felt her face heat up, her mind running around a million questions.
"Is this really happening? Why am I so flustered right now? Why can I only focus on her adorable concentration face and not the actual flower crown?"
    "There we go!" Andi's voice snapped Amber out of her daze. She was holding Amber's fixed up flower crown. Amber smiles, "It's perfect. Thanks, Andi."
Just when Amber thinks she's calmed down, Andi giggles and puts the crown on Amber's head, moving her hair behind her ear.
"There. It looks great, M'lady." Andi smiles.
On the outside, Amber is laughing with her friend, acting like she is completely calm. On the inside, her brain is scrambled and starts generating rapid thoughts once again.
"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Why am I freaking out over these little things? All she did was move my hair back and compliment me, that clearly doesn't mean anything, right? Right?"
    Amber leans over to Andi's original spot and grabs her completed flower crown. She carefully places it on Andi's head and gently runs her fingers through her pixie cut. "It looks even better on you, Your Majesty."
"Why did I do that?"
Andi blushes and grins. "I like the nicknames." Amber nods. "Me too."
"Isn't it weird?" Andi asks. Amber furrows her eyebrows. "What is?" "The fact that, a year ago, we were total enemies. Now, we're friends and making flower crowns together. We have nicknames." she chuckles.
The word friends made Amber's heart sink a little. "Yeah, and now I like you, even though I know you'll never like me back."
"Yeah, crazy how stuff works out right?" Amber shrugs.
The two girls are left there in silence, both of their eyes traveling around the park, eventually landing on each other and staying there.
    Andi's heart leaps as they both awkwardly chuckle.
"Do I like Amber?" Andi thinks to herself.
"Anyways, anything else you want to do?" Amber asks. Andi shrugs. She looks around the park and laughs. "Hey, nobody's on the playground, wanna go over there?" Amber laughs, "Sure." Andi gets up and grabs Amber's hand as they dash over to the playground.
    Amber climbs up the ladder first, helping Andi up after her. The pair laugh as they run around, playing with the fake steering wheels and playground phones.
      "Come on, slide down with me!" Andi waves Amber over to her, standing in front of a slide. Amber nods and walks over to Andi. They yell as they slide down, Amber in between Andi's legs and her back rested on Andi's chest, holding onto each other.
      They end up falling down when they hit the bottom of the slide.
"Woah!" Andi yelps as the girls tumble over and land with Amber hovering over Andi. They stay like that, softly laughing and staring into each other's eyes.
      There was a tension between them, a tension that they had never felt before. They had no words, their eyes did all the talking.
    Andi's heart races, her palms get sweaty, and she can't think straight. Amber's mind goes in circles, her face is bright red, and she only has one clear thought, "Should I lean in? Is this my chance?"
    Amber slowly lowers her head so that Andi's forehead is touching hers, their lips just inches apart.
Andi smiles with a small lip-bite. "Just kiss her already, Amber!"
Amber is just about to go for it, when Andi's phone dings, completely shattering the moment.
The girls sit up as Andi checks her phone. "Sorry, I gotta go. My mom wants me home." She looked just as disappointed as Amber was in that moment.
"Oh, okay. I had fun today." She forces a smile. Andi does the same, "Yeah, me too."
Andi starts walking away, and Amber watches her.

Andi stops for a moment. She looks back.

Amber sighs and stands up to go home.
   "Amber, wait!" Andi's voice makes Amber instantly look back. She turns around and walks a little closer to Andi. "What?" She asks.
"Here goes nothing." Andi thinks.

    Andi gently holds Amber's cheeks in her hands as she closes the space between them, fireworks going off inside both of their stomachs. Amber holds Andi's waist.
    They pull apart, grinning."Nice suprise, Your Majesty." Amber says softly.
     Andi giggles and strokes Amber's hair. "Only for you, M'lady."

I hope that put you all in your uwus.
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