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Your insides dropped. You were dead scared. Your blood ran cold.

"You smell so good tonight," the man said. His cold breathe grazing your skin sending shivers down my spine.

"Please...let me go..." you were about to cry. Your brain couldn't process anything. You were just terrified.

"I have been waiting for you to be alone for soooo long," he grabbed a small lock of your hair in his hand and started twirling it around his finger.

"What the hell do you think you're doing here?" A very stern deep voice said which you believed to belong to...Austin?

"This one is mine Austin." The man answered back.

"That one belongs to me,"

"I don't belong to anybody, now let me go you bastard." You have no idea where you got this sudden surge of confidence from.

You attempted to hit the guy behind you with your elbow but you ended up bruising your elbow in the process. It was like hitting a cement block. It hurt like hell. You let your head fall down as you started to cry in pain and pure terror. What was going on???

"Austin whatxs your problem. A catch is a catch." The ruthless man said

"I already told you to back away. DON'T make me tell you again." Austin spoke with a stern voice.

"This one has been playing with the wolves. I can tell." He sniffed your hair.

You felt the man behind you remove the hair off your neck and then he started grazing his cold fingers against your skin. Then you felt the most unholy feeling. He licked your neck. As if it was a lollipop. Austin ran over to you at practically the speed of light and ripped the mans disgusting hands off of you and threw him against a tree. You took your chance and ran. You ran as fast as you could anywhere. You tripped over the sidewalk and scraped your knees and hands on impact. Ouch.

Your dad pulled up and saw you on the floor. He helped you up and asked what happened. You turned your head around, but they weren't there anymore. What the hell is going on.


The next morning you got up and ready for school but this time you grabbed a switch blade just in case. It was unnoticeable to the human eye cause it looked like a normal keychain.

You walked outside and the cold air bit at your skin. It was dark. The clouds were grey they threatened to start crying.

You have to see Tate today. Or maybe you have to see Austin and see whats going on. No. You are to afraid to face Austin. Youre curious but you shivered at the thought of locking eyes with Austin. Tate is the only stress free option.

As you were walking the familiar run down red jeep pulled up next to you.

"Hey Y/N. You want a ride?" Tate said giving you a cute smirk.

"Yeah." You said bluntly but careful not to sound rude.

You hopped in the passenger side and dropped your bag to the floor.

"Is something wrong?" Asked Tate with a worrisome expression.

"Do you know anything about Austin?"

"Maybe, why?"

"He appeared last night once you left. He saved my life, but it was almost like he knew something bad was gonna happen to me it's like he was already prepared ahead of time."

He stopped the car forcefully causing you to jump forward. He helled you back with his arm protecting you from jerking foward.

"What did he do?" He sounded so stern yet very concerned for you. 

"He just saved my life that's all."

"I mean what was he saving you from?"

"I dont know. He came up behind me, forcefully grabbed my waist, and covered my mouth with his hand. I had tried to hit him with my elbow but failed. Miserably. It was almost like hitting a brick wall. I cried. He then removed the hair from my neck and-....and he licked it. He licked my uh- my neck."

Tate quickly un-buckled his seat and removed your hair from your neck. His hands were so gentle and warm as they brushed against your skin. You got goosebumps everywhere. You blushed then he moved his hand away.

"I'm sorry." He said looking away as he probably thought he was overstepping a boundary.


"I should've drove you home. You would've been safer with me."

"Do you know what he was talking about when the strange man said 'playing with the wolves'?"

"I-" Tate said but quickly stopped himself from speaking any further.

Im so sorry for the cliffhanger but the chalter was getting kinda long. Let me know about mistakes so I can fix them. Anyway hope you people are liking the story so far. Sorry for the late update.

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