Chapter Two: Feeding The Flames

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Miley's POV

'Raise a glass to the memories and set them free.' That quote. It's the one I've been living by for some time. My Pappy told me it, a very long time ago, and made me promise to never forget it. And I didn't. Even after my dear Pappy died, I've remembered those words and tried my best to live up to him, to do my Pappy proud. He was a very inspirational and much loved man. However, there are some memories that I couldn't just set free, as if they were nothing. I just can't ever let go. . .

* * *

I was to see him again! Words simply cannot describe the feeling I had when he asked to meet up with me! I was so ecstatic, I nearly cried with joy! It's been years and frankly, I was expecting him to ignore me.

For years, every now and again, I've tried to contact him in some way - just to catch up, you know - but each time, I was unsuccessful. After every missed call, I've had to leave a voice mail which he never replied. I began to ponder the possibility of him having blocked my number or merely Nick getting his number changed (again!). Each text was left forgotten; unread. The communication between us pretty much came to a halt in late 2009. I've missed him so much. . .

Before I left for Paty's, I made sure I was dressed appropriately so the public nor the paps would recognize me as Miley Cyrus. "That's the last thing I need right now!" I thought.

Over my plain-ish Flaming Lips T-shirt, I wore a long, black hoodie my Mom bought for me to use in occasions such as this. On my legs, I wore some navy skinny jeans then threw on some dark Doc Martins.

I looked at my watch and found I was running slightly late so I legged it to my bathroom and did my makeup and hair all in a huge rush. Okay, you may think that leaving for lunch 11:32 in the morning would not make me late but. . . I kinda lied to Nick about being in town. I was at my home all along but I know where Paty's is. It's about half an hours drive from my home but it's worth it!

It's hard to imagine that me and Nick have been living in the same city for about five years yet we haven't met up at all or anything!

I pondered through mine and Nick's past in my mind as I drew a thin line of eyeliner above each eye with a steady hand then topped it off with a brush of mascara. I then reached for my eos lip balm and rubbed it on my lips gently. Okay, this makeover may seem like nothing, but Nick likes a girl who doesn't 'over-do' her look. I also don't want to appear desperate.

* * *

I left the house, looking slightly dishevelled from my hast. My eyes traveled sluggishly across the front until I found my car. Yes, I had lied to Nick that I was in town, but it's not that far away!

Suddenly aware of the time, I clambered into my car and started the engine which roared into life. I put my foot down and sped off.

* * *

Nick's POV

Fortunately, Paty's was not as crowded today as it normally would be. Finally! Some privacy in public! A rarity.

Before entering, however, I adjusted my hood and sunglasses to conceal my face more sufficiently then I strode into the diner.

The atmosphere was very calm and collected today. Great! Whenever i had come here in the past, it was always crowded and chaotic.

I chose the table situated about halfway into the diner so Miley could spot me easily through the large, slightly grimy, windows

As soon as I had sat down on the vibrant, plastic seat, a young waitress skipped over.

"Hey there!" she said brightly. "Can I get ya anything?" then she whipped out a small notebook and pen from her apron pocket.

Blinking, I turned to her and said "Pint of diet coke and... and a strawberry milkshake, please." I asked, remembering Miley's favourite drink, hoping it would be the same.

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