Chapter 1

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Beacon Academy one of the most prestigious schools to get into these days. However there was a secret that was kept by everyone that was in that school and that secret was there were two kids in the basement of the school chained up to the wall by a collar on their necks and they couldn't leave.

YN "man that hurts."

Broly "Are you alright YN?"

YN "I'm not alright. We have been down here for 4 years and its because the grey haired man and his friends love hitting us and treating us like we're nothing."

Somewhere else

??? "Hmm."

??? "What is it Whis?"

Whis "My lord it seems that there are two full blooded Saiyan children being held as slaves under a building."

??? "What?"

Whis "I think that you two should get to the Vegeta and Goku."

Goku "Alright come on Vegeta."

Vegeta "Hmph."

Back with YN and Broly the two are now having water thrown at them and a person is using magic to hold them down and the others are taking turns beating on them and hitting the two with a whip. YN let out a loud scream as did Broly and when they were about to get hit again they get sent flying into the wall. The two hear two voices.

Goku "These two are beaten up come on lets get them out of here."

Vegeta "No. I thought we had to leave them."

Goku "No we're supposed to save them."

Vegeta "No I w- *Sigh* why are you such an idiot Kakarot?"

The two fired a ki blast in the ceiling and flew up then took off away from the school.

Timeskip to Bulma's

YN's Pov

I was out cold my body was being placed in something that felt like liquid. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in some kind of tank for some reason it tickled me I sighed as the pain was going away.

YN "Am I away from that place? If I made it out then didn't Broly as well?"

After some time the pod beeped a few times and then the liquid began draining out and opened up. I walked out and I see two people. A woman with blue hair and a male with black hair that stood up like mine but didn't have the bang going down

Blue haired "Oh I see you have waken up. Whats your name?"

YN "M-my name is YN."

Bulma "Nice to meet you I am Bulma and this is my husband Vegeta.

Vegeta "Hmph."

Bulma "Why were you beaten up if I may ask?"

YN "I was only a year old when it started me and my friend broly were held in a basement and we were beaten everyday. They'd come down and burn us, whip us, throw water on us then whip us and then they'd starve us everyday until we'd almost be dead then feed us little crumbs."

Vegeta looked angry as I was telling them what happened as was Bulma.

Bulma "Well I have an idea. How would you like to live here?"

YN "I don't want to cause trouble."

Bulma "You won't. We were thinking about this when he brought you home. You don't need to suffer anymore. What do say YN?"

I stood there and had a bit of tears in my eyes and said.

YN "I'd like that Thank you."

And that was the beginning of YN having a family and he then asked.

YN "What about my friend wheres Broly?"

Vegeta "Kakarot took her to his house to get her healed."

Then a man popped out of nowhere and said.

??? "Hey Vegeta, Bulma."

Bulma "Hey Goku. Is that the other one that you guys found?"

Goku "Mhm she now a member of my family. Chichi was happy where she wanted to be a part of the family."

In view came broly and she looked at me and ran over to me hugging me.

Broly "We're finally away from that place."

YN "I know and we both have families now."

Bulma "You never had a family?"

YN "No mine died before I got to know them."

Broly "Same here."

Vegeta "Boy. Tomorrow you are training with me so that you can become stronger."

Bulma "Really? Why not train trunks as well?"

Vegeta "I'm still mad at him."


Flashback end

Bulma "Really? All because he knows that you don't like bugs or worms so he placed a worm in your boot and you get mad about it."

Vegeta "Don't ask questions woman."

After that day Vegeta trained YN to the bone everyday. YN would come inside all bruised up and tired from training. Broly didn't get it easy either. She was worn out as the days went on. The training really paid off as YN and broly were now stronger than before. Lets take it to when YN first achieved super Saiyan.

YN and Vegeta were fighting and Vegeta was not using his full power because if he did then he'd probably kill YN.

Vegeta "Come on is that all you got weakling?"

YN "*Huff* Don't call me a WEAKLING!"

YN charged at him and started throwing punches and kicks but he didn't become a super Saiyan until Vegeta said something that made him snap.

Vegeta "You must really want to die or maybe I should kill that girl that you like so much."

YN stood up and his head was down then he said to Vegeta.

YN "You better not lay a hand on her."

Vegeta "Oh really what will you do then?"


YN was now a super saiyan and he flew at vegeta and went straight through him then started kicking him and punching him with all of his power then threw him in the air and slammed him into the ground and vegeta got up then flew at YN and punched him in the head, but that didn't even phase YN as YN then had an energy orb in his hand that was placed at vegetas stomach and when it blew up the blast sent vegeta flying back.

Vegeta's mind "He's getting pretty good. But this fight has gone on long enough, its time to end this."

He charged at YN and punched him as hard as he could in the stomach and then chopped him in the back of the neck, knocking YN out.

Vegeta "You are pretty good YN. You are getting stronger everyday."

He then cracked a smile and said.

Vegeta "I'm proud of you son."

End of chapter 1.

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