Keeping his hip pressed against her, he let his large hand lay flat against the cheek of her backside, the idea of spanking her there briefly entered his mind, and he guessed the thought must have been loud as Rey stilled beneath him, high with anticipation as she wiggled.

The corner of Kylo's mouth turned up, the idea of teasing her becoming much more appealing.

Instead, he ran his hand up the long crease of her back, her arms still suspended before her as her cheek pressed against the mattress, bent to his every will and command.

The air was thick with their arousal, the sun peaking at them behind the clouds.

His hand trailed from her backside to her hip, giving a stern squeeze as he felt out her flesh and bone, moving so slowly to the part of her that begged for him, slick with proof.

Rey's eyes drifted close, her lips parting as she waited, trying her best to conceal her plea as she whispered it into the sheets.

His touch growing softer by the second, one long, thick finger came in contact with her folds, barely touching her, yet leaving her skin searing with heat.

"Hmm?" he hummed, knowing fully well what she had said, what she begged.

Rey's stubbornness came out, hidden beneath her hair and masked by the mattress as she refused to repeat herself, her teeth biting down against her lip, letting her body talk instead as she pressed back against him, trying to urge his hand.

A whimper escaped her as she felt his hand leave her completely, and instead burying deep into her hair, gripping softly as he tugged her back. Her core throbbed, shocked at how exotic it felt to be at his mercy like this, his hands rough though he never came close to causing pain.

"What was that?" he repeated, his tone dark and deep, a rumble coursing throughout his body and into hers.

Against her will, the word escaped into a breathless shiver. "Please..."

He leaned down against her, his nose skimming her jaw, his hand still in her hair, holding her back towards him. "Say it." Kylo's voice demanded of her.

Kylo waited as a tremor shook through Rey, her warm body shaking against his hard member, causing a stiff twitch against her as he groaned.

"Please...Touch me...Really touch me..." she begged, her eyes shut.

Needing no other encouragement, he released her hair, allowing her to settle back to the bed as he dragged his hand down her back once more, squeezing her hip before giving into her plea, basking in the wetness that awaited him, that was caused by him.

His fingers cupped her, circling over the sensitive nub that made her jerk and gasp, one finger entering her tight warmth in a single swift move.

Kylo shuddered against her just as she writhed before him, marveling at how hot and wet she was, her body so responsive to him.

In his training, he was always taught that passion for such things as sex was a mere distraction, even weakness in most cases. If they ever had anything even close to Rey, he understood now.

His finger delved into her slowly, backing out, and entering her with its own hard thrust, determined to make her yield under his own hand. Kylo's head drifted down as his eyes closed, resting his forehead at the back of her shoulder as she whimpered at his touch, her breathing hitching at every move of his hand.

Rey's cheeks began to flush with heat, her need beginning to turn into a strong crave that only he would be able to satisfy, her abdomen growing taunt as she shuddered against his chest, the thick member that waited for its turn poking at her inner thigh.

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