Chapter 19: Invitation [/]

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"I don't get why I'm always blamed

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"I don't get why I'm always blamed. Its like people think I'm up to no good," Christopher complained.

"Its because you're always wandering around the office," Devina answered, shrugging. "And Erick is always with you. Who would have thought that he would pull such a devious trick?"

"I think its brilliant actually," Sylvia complimented. Joel looked at her questioningly and sighed in despair.

"The cleaning up isn't," Devina said, bending down to save whatever feathers she could.

Anaeya waved off her colleagues and left the studio. Christopher saw her leaving and ran to catch up with her just after he heard Sylvia talking about him being the eldest member.

"Trust me, the age is merely a cover up," Richard stated, shaking his head. "He acts like a kid sometimes."

"Hey, Ana!" Christopher called, following her as she left the studio to make some coffee. The girl smiled at him and slowed down for him to catch up.

It was something he begun to notice. Despite the fuss earlier, she still smiled at him.

And he liked her for that.

She has a sweet smile.

"Hey, Christo."

"Are you feeling better?" he asked, stopping her by the shoulder. He placed his palm on her forehead and cheek to check her temperature. "Hm, its better."

She gently removed his hand and continued towards the lounge, not before he caught sight of the red tinge on her cheek. He stared after her questioningly before following her.

"I'm alright, Christopher," Anaeya uttered, softly.

They walked into the lounge room. He tried to gently lock the door behind them, but the clicking sound startled the girl.

"Christo, what are you doing?" she murmured as he approached her, embracing her. She was so small, he just needed one arm to pull her in by the waist. The other stroking her hair.

She sighed and hugged him back.

"Why are you so shy just now?" he mumbled, burying his face into her neck.

"No one ever checked up on me like that before," she replied. "I always have to go to the doctor myself or heal my own injuries. Why did you do that though? In front of everyone."

He hesitated.

Suddenly, he pressed a kiss on her pulse. It made her jump in suprise, electricity coursing through her spine and all her body.

"Do you know why now?" he asked. She nodded, humming as her fingers traced his lips.

"I want to kiss you so much now," he murmured, kissing the tip of her fingers. "But I'm scared that you might yell."

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