(13) Broken Angel

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The morning came and the sound of seagulls flying around woke me up. I rolled over lazily only to find that Angelo had already left. There was a strange tingling in my heart that almost hurt and my eyes started to well up. I was weak again and there was nothing I could do to make myself stronger. Angelo was all I wanted but he couldn't or didn't want me so there would forever be this aching in my heart. There was no way I could even think of loving another man because no one could come close to him.

The tears started to spill over my lower lids and before I knew it, I was crying into my pillow. Not soft, gentle sobs - I let it all out this time. Suddenly out of no where the door swung open. Thinking it was another person that wanted to harm me, I swept up my sheets and held them right under my chin. However, it was Angelo, eyes wide with concern and body shaking.

"What happened?" He asked. I shook my head, embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, I just thought you had gone and I felt sad... I need you here." I spilled out.

He instantly came to my side and put his arm around me, soothing me with kind but empty words.

"You can always call me, remember. I won't let anything or anyone hurt you again, OK?"

I shook my head again. "Its not just that Angelo. I'm lonely and sad, I want you to be here to make me feel better and I want to look after you too. I love you Angelo."

"Don't say that, you don't understand. If I wanted to be with you, I'd change and you'd find me ugly."

His words stung me 'if I wanted to be with you.' So he definitely had a choice.

"You don't understand that I really don't care whether your ugly or not, I love all of you, not just your face."

Angelo seemed to think about that for a while but then snapped out of his trance and looked at me. "Look, your a beautiful, kind, understanding woman. You could get any guy you wanted."

He smiled politely but it just made me cry again. He put his arms around me and I climbed onto his lap. He held me there, gently rocking me with my head on his chest, soothing me again. "I've taken a couple of days off to be on earth with you so we can do whatever you want."

I smiled and put my arms around him and hugged him tight. "Thank you." I whispered as I leant up and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek. I noticed his eyes turned a subtle shade of amber and he relaxed a little. His arms held me tighter and one hand came to stroke my hair.

"I made breakfast." He said, smiling as he placed me on the floor and walked me to the kitchen. I wasn't all that surprised to realise he had a major talent at cooking. There was fried food, pastries, fruit salad and it was all made by him and all delicious. I thanked him after eating and then got ready, putting on a pair of jeans, my favourite top and some make up.

I walked out of the bathroom when I thought I looked alright and saw Angelo looking at a framed photograph of me and my sisters. He looked really sad and was running a finger over my face, as if I was right there with him... The floorboard creaked under my feet and he quickly spun around. "Oh, sorry... I was just looking..." He stuttered. I smiled and shook my head.

"Its fine." I reassured him.

That day we both went out to London as tourists. We went to the London Eye and he held me when we got higher because of my fear of heights. We went for lunch at a latin american club, saw an exhibition at the design museum then he took me shopping. Luckily he was wearing a t-shirt for once. However, I was not used all the attention he was getting... Girls would stop and whisper to their friends, some would give him seductive smiles and pretty much every girl would at least just check him out. It made me slightly territorial which scared me a little. I got annoyed if another girl was obviously trying to get his attention. I wanted to say 'stop doing that, he's mine!' But he wasn't.

Angelo decided that we were going to go to a club tonight so he dragged me round the shops, trying stuff on. We trailed through vast amounts of shops. Everything was horrible - too big, too small, too short, too plain or too ugly. Just as I was about to give up, I tried on this dress in the sale of this small boutique shop. It had been £140 but now it was only £25! I thought it was a bit boring but at that price, I thought it was worth a try. Angelo followed me to the changing rooms and sat outside on a small chair that made him look even more muscular than ever. I closed the curtain and slid on the dress that was so skin tight that I had to take off my underwear. Once I had got it on, I did up the zip at the back and looked in the mirror. I was so shocked I nearly fell over! The dress was all black and revealed all my curves. The hem came just above the knee and it had a loveheart neckline then black lace that fitted tightly over my arms and came up to my neck. It was stunning. "You alright in there?" Angelo asked. I didn't want him to see so I pretended it was OK and then bought it. I told him I would meet him in the club in a couple of hours and he reluctantly agreed before going off to have a coffee. I grabbed my stuff and ran to the hairdressers. My horrible frizzy curly hair needed to be tamed and the hairdresser knew just how. She trimmed my hair and blowdried it with a brush which gave it a gorgeous 40s look. She brushed out the curls and sprayed my hair with something which made it look shiny and silky. Next, I went to a salon and had my make up done. I showed them the dress and they did make up to match. Natural eye make-up and deep red lipstick. I put the dress on and looked in the mirror and it was like looking at a different person. This girl looked tall in her high heeled shoes, her body looked perfect, her eyes looked lighter than ever and her blonde hair was so beautiful she could be in an advert.

I walked towards the club as the sun was setting. I noticed that this time, I was getting all the attention. However, it made me feel more nervous. When I got into the club, I saw Angelo talking to a couple of girls. I could feel myself getting a bit jealous as I walked over there. They were all pretty and perfect. Angelo turned his head as I said his name and he did a double take. His eyes widened and his mouth actually dropped open.

"Wow, you look... Stunning." He said slowly, looking at me from head to toe. I blushed and smiled at him. He came over to me and put his hands on my waist and led me over to the dancefloor. "May I have the first dance?" He asked, holding out his hand. I just giggled and nodded then put my arms around his neck whilst he put his around my waist, holding me tight to his body. We half hugged, half danced to the music and it felt so good, like we were an actual couple going for a night out.

"I don't want to let you go..." Angelo whispered in my ear as we were dancing.

"Then don't." I whispered back.

He smiled sadly. "I have to, I need to let you find someone else."

With that, I pulled away. I was getting annoyed with his games. He couldn't decide what he wanted and he kept making me hope we could be together then dropping me. Tonight I was going to show him exactly what he was missing out on.


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