meanie butt babysitter

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princess pov

"but i no baby, daddy", i pout and sit on his lap.
"i know princess, you're not a baby"
"then why you say babysitter, dada?"
"okay, how about we call her a princess sitter?", he rubs my back as i watch disney.
"she gonna sit on me?!", i panic.
"no princess, she not gonna sit on you. she's gonna watch you and play with you to make sure you don't get into any trouble"
"like a play date!?"
"not exactly, she's not a little. she's a normal young girl but i promise that she's nice"
"okay, daddy"

i bounce on daddy's lap, excited to meet my princess sitter. finally after forever we hear a knock on the door. i run to the door almost falling and open it. a very tall girl wearing almost nothing stands there chewing gum.

"hiya!!!! i princess, what's yours?!"
"venus", she rolls her eyes.
"like the planet?!"
"cool!", i jump up and down.

she follows me into the living room where daddy is. once she see daddy she begins to look extra cheery. "good morning, mr. monroe. i'm so happy to babysit your princess today", she says with a smile.
"how nice, i'm glad you are. now i'm gonna head to work. be a good girl, princess", he says kissing my forehead and leaving.
"yes, daddy", the door shuts and venus's smile fades.

"can you pwease make me breakfast, i hungry?", i ask politely.
"why can't you make it yourself?", she snaps back.
"because daddy said i can't be in the kitchen by myself and make food", i explain.
"well daddy isn't here now is he, now go!", i scurried into the kitchen.

i didn't know how to make anything. i'd never cooked in my life. i didn't know where my sippy cups were or the food. i began to cry.

"venus!", i cry out.
"whatttt!?", she yells from the other room.
"i-i need help"
she slowly walks into the kitchen, "what do you want?"
"i don't know how to make food, i need help", i sniffle.
"god! you're so needy. you should be glad you're daddy is paying me a lot for this", she gets me a big girl bowl and spoon. she pours me some of daddy's icky cereal and adds some of his organic soy milk.


she gives it to me and pushes me to the table.

"i need to be put in my high chair", i pout.
"eat now! before i throw it in the trash!", i couldn't reach up to the big girl chair so i sadly ate on the floor.

venus sat on the couch laughing and giggling  on her phone. she was mean to me. she refused to put my dish away so i had to reach up to the sink and wash them myself.

i ran into the living room with my barbie dolls, "venus can you play wif me?"
"no! what are you, like five?", i pout.
"i'm actually four stop being not nice", i say in tears.
"shut up, little girl!", she barks at me.

i run into my room and grab my covers and cry on the floor. i wanted my daddy. now. i ended up falling asleep for about fifteen minutes. i was woken with a kick and a bunch of screaming.

"little bitch! did i tell you, you could sleep?! no i didn't get your ass up!", i quickly stand up, scared.
"i'm sorry", i say shaking.
"yeah yeah, sure you are. now go do something productive!", she pushes me out the room.

i sleepily walk into my play room and go vent to fluffy. he was the only one who understood me.

"pssf...fluffy?", i whisper. "my princess sitter is a meanie butt, she keeps calling me meanie names and not helping me. what should i do? be a meanie back?", fluffy tells me to just be a good little princess because that's what daddy would want.

i agree and hug him tightly. venus comes over and snatched him from me.

"hey, give him back. he's my friend", i pout and try to reach for him but it's no use. i'm too short.
"you're friends with a stupid unicorn?", she laughs.
"he's not stupid, he's much better than you. you meanie butt", i sass.
"wow so you're gonna be a bad princess, huh? i think that you need a punishment"
"no punishment, me sorry", i whimper.
"too late, go sit in the corner", she points to the dark and dusty corner.
"shut the fuck up and go!", i run to the corner and sit. "now watch what i do to fluffy"

she grabs some big girl scissors from the drawer and puts them to his neck.

"no! please! don't do it!", i scream as she saws his head off.

she throws his head at me and pulls all the stuffing out of his lifeless body. i'm in tears and screaming. i run out the corner and to fluffy's rescue but it's too late.

he's dead.

"and since you came out of the corner before your time was up i'm gonna tell your daddy how bad you've been today", she puts her hands on her hips and dials his number.

"what if i tell my daddy about how you killed fluffy?"
"he won't believe you, especially after the huge mess you made last time you were home alone. he will only believe me", i pout and grab fluffy's head.

"hi, mr. monroe sorry to bother you at work but rowan has been a handful today. she has been lying, stealing and even hurting me. she has been throwing tantrums all day, she even went so far as to tear her precious fluffy apart. but i still believe she's a nice girl", i hear some mumbling at the other end before she hangs up.

"why'd you lie to daddy? you're the meanie butt"
"shut up, bitch. your daddy is coming home to punish you, so stay in the corner until i say otherwise", i nod and sit in the corner.

creepy crawly spiders keep crawling on the floor next to me. but daddy finally comes home and dismisses venus. venus gives me a look before walking out.

"daddy, i didn't do any of the things she said, i promise", i plead in tears.
"i know"
he pulls me into his lap, "princess, there are cameras all over this house. i know she was horrible to you and i promise you will get to pick your princess sitter from now on, okay"
"okay, daddy"
"now let's fix, mr.fluffy"


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