ow! da hurted!

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daddy pov

i sat on the sofa watching my princess clean up the house. of course i only allowed her to pick up a few things since she was too little to do everything else. but she tried.

she pouted and whines as she picked up her last barbie doll. "dada, i'm done", she walks over to me.
"are you sure?", she nods.
"good now come here", she sits on my lap and i bend her over my knee.
"daddy! no! me no want spankies!", she cries.
"i'm sorry, princess"

i pull down her little shorts to reveal her round ass. she wiggles and fidgets as i get ready.
"now princess, count and say 'thank you'"
*slap* "one, thank you daddy", tears stream from her eyes.

after the 20th one her ass was red and bruised. i felt bad but she deserved it. "ow, da hurted!", she whines.
"i know, i'll put ointment on it", i grab the cream and smear it on her cheeks. i pull up her pull-up then her shorts.

she stands up and wipes her tears. she waddles up stairs to her room.

"princess?!", she ignores me.

i knew she was a little upset, i let her be. i decided to make dinner. i made her favorite, dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and fries. with fruit of course. and some apple juice.

i walk up the stairs and into her play room.
"princess it's time for dinner", i hold out my hand for her to take it but she doesn't.

she goes down stairs without saying a word. when i get down into the kitchen she is sitting on the couch eating.
"no eating in the living room, in the kitchen only", i say sternly.

she just continues to eat and watching tv.
"must i repeat myself! kitchen now!", she jumps a little at my tone but she doesn't move.

i pick her up and she start to kick and scream. i place her in the high chair and place her food in front of her. she throws it on the floor.

"what the hell is your problem, princess?! what did i do wrong?"

tears fall from her eyes, "you slapped me, daddy"
"baby, i gave you spankies. that's all", i kiss her cheek.
"my dad used to give me spankies but on my face and all over my body", she cries harder.

i pick her from out of her chair and hug her tightly.
"i would never do that, we can always find other ways of punishment if you don't like spankies. okay", she nods her head.

"i wove you, dada", she kisses my lips.
"i love you too", i kiss back.

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