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PREVIOUSLY on Cutie Cutie Ghost Show:

* 5 cute boys appeared in the city. One was immediately eaten by bugs and one died in a freak musical theater accident. Now there are 3 cute boys, very lost in the city.

* Qynka had her first day at school and immediately got kidnapped but her sister accidentally (?) rescued her.

* Daddy is experimenting on the people he kidnaps and it is very creepy and horrifying but he seems excited so that's fun.

* Qynka got a bunch of weird text messages and it turned out they were from a ghost who lives in her bedroom.

And now, EPISODE 04. In which:

* Things continue to go well for Anicentricity, until they extremely don't

* The 3 remaining cute boys find their way to the Thornes and achieve their short-term goals without compromising their brand integrity

* Qannen gets sent to the principal's office but it's NOT a sex thing

* Daddy is sick of Qynka's sh*t and takes drastic measures about it

* Someone (FINALLY!!!) f*cks a ghost

PERSONAL BRANDS in this episode

(Besides Qynka & Qannen obvs)

Anicentricity - you remember her, we've been following her life since she was a fetus

Manucito - Anicentricity's incredibly hot Emotional Manipulation teacher /emotionally manipulative boyfriend

Ms_Doxiquil - teaches Sacred Energy, dating Anicentricity

Brian_Yes_Brian - Anicentricity's reliably attractive and supportive extremely hot boyfriend; he considers himself a dancer but honestly he's just very attractive during music

Raminashi - self-proclaimed King of Wood2; rapper, beatmaker, personal hype man to himself; last single was QYNKILLER, which was about Qynka killing his girlfriend Lamantine, and which he announced by getting the title tattooed across his forehead

Kessl8 - literally the worst maid ever; talks about her boyfriend enough to raise suspicion about his existence

Syklomeme - Qannen's former best friend, now firmly embedded in Raminashi's entourage; personal brand is primarily based around her having a butt

H8bunni - 3k followers, lives in the Thornes, personal brand still in pre-definition but she's thinking of having a lot of really original Reactions; having pink & yellow dreads her "thing" for now

THE (three remaining) CUTE BOYS, we still don't know their names but there's:

-The one with the eyes

-The one with the hair

-The one with the butt

CandyCate - student at KMS; eyebrows are a series of tiny star-shaped tattoos; considers herself an Exercise Engineer

Lisweeta - student at KMS; missing her left leg below her knee; creates really beautiful vibrational poetry from lists of clean ingredients

HELLBITCH - Qannen's sidekick at High/Low, she's maaaybe 4 feet tall, always dresses in head-to-toe red vinyl, makeup looks like flames around her eyes, barely ever talks but it's so cute when she does b/c her voice is super tiny and high-pitched

Alessandroid - 2nd year at High/Low; parents were the monsters on an early season of the Academy of Mysterious Occurrences; dresses like an exiled queen who has been lost in the desert for 5 years; advice columnist

Samanthabear:) - an agender 4th year at High/low; transferred from Eternal High due to too many heteronormative plot lines in the school plays, which they always got the leads in anyway; will wear any brand as long as it sparkles; is good at picking out outfits for other people

Beastro_the_Burly - Conspirasan-adjacent dude-bro; has no interesting opinions of his own, is too busy arguing with everyone against what everyone else thinks

The [(void)] - non-corporeal identity; extremely hornt

The [(void)] - non-corporeal identity; extremely hornt

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